1. Macky

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    Is here on the forum anyone who has any experience with forming or/and running so called "UK Agency" offshore setup ?
    I am non-UK resident (but EU) and all online business revenue comes from outside of UK, I was advised by offshore lawyer to create this setup.

    The UK company acts on behalf of the offshore company (Cyprus, Gibraltar, Seychelles etc.). This is governed by the law of agency with the UK Company being the agent and the offshore company the principal.

    • Any solid offshore provider who can create this structure for a reasonable price? I found many Googling but neither of them had good customer reputation....
    • Does anyone has experience with this popular setup ?
  2. Luigi

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  3. diablo

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    What makes it to be different from a regular setup where you setup a UK Company with nominees that own 100% of the shares in an offshore Company for instant in Seychelles, Cyprus etc. ?
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  4. Luigi

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    I had a few clients that rejected paying to a Seychelles or a Belize company.
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