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Vacation club/Time share for Digital Nomad for living in hotel for whole year

troubled soul

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Aug 23, 2020
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Hello everyone...

I am thinking of what about buying Marriot Vacation club, Disney Vacation club etc. membership for whole year for Digital Nomad lifestyle .....

Like Most provide 1 week (so called point) accommodation.....How about buying multiple of this and Use it for whole year...

As example....Like Marriott vacation club provide you some annual point buying it in multiple of it , You can convert it into Marriot Bonvoy point , and can book hotel Flight + restaurant + cab + activities etc.....Kind of bank account

Basically your mobile home every where there is a Marriott property ...............

My thought was inspired by this guy article

Is Disney Vacation Club worth it? Does DVC make sense financially?

Yes It is around 80-90 % discount for most time.....Do this idea is workable ? or Is it trap ?

What is your thought on this ?

What are con and pro for this ?
Adding to that, what kind of live is living in a hotel? Wouldn't you much rather rent an AirBnB and only stay in hotel in say a large city? Digital nomad lifestyle is nice, but not when moving around every 2 weeks imo as you'll spend too much time planning.

Depends on what kind of places you want too, if you are moving from big city, city hotels might be better.
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