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Vialet Experience


New member
Hi guys,
What is your experience with Vialet?

I only had 2 transactions (no crypto) and was then asked to provide evidence

Well, I was able to prove this transaction and have been held up since then.
No answer from the people. The support is slowly or would like do not answer.

Have you had similar experiences?


No direct experience but from what I've heard about them, they seem disorganized and unreliable to work with (services come and go, unstable). Until reputation improves, I wouldn't trust them with any larger sums of money at least.


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As far as we talked to them, they work with low risk, target local Lithuanian, Latvian companies, mostly from retail, agriculture and other clear industries. But had never any issue with communication, always responsive


New member
i have worked with them but with a personal account-
was okay but after reaching the 30k€ yearly limit the remaining ballance got frozen
since then i have tried to upgrade acount to business/open business account with no success.
the business department was very slow and unreliable to answere.the personal department was way better.
got lucky elsewhere and left it there-
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