Virtual Office service with no or only little verification requirements?

Discussion in 'Offshore Business Discussion' started by negon, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. negon

    negon Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel


    Are there any services around that offer Virtual Office service with mail forwarding but don't require a lot of verification or only little verification maybe?

    Interested in knowing if that is possible.
  2. blueweb

    blueweb Corporate Services Mentor Group Business Angel

    How about to setup a company with darks, use the agents mail forwarding service to receive the mail cig-:,
  3. albright

    albright New Member

    I'm also interested in this, as there don't appear to be many posts on here with any alternatives to Clevvermail. Clevvermail is low cost but the verification process could be costly...
  4. negon

    negon Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    That works fine! Have done it before. But I'm looking for an alternative to this.
  5. Stefano3323

    Stefano3323 Trusted Member Entrepreneur Business Angel

    Probably I'm missing something but isn't that a very common thing when you set up an offshore company?

    Like you run your KYC, set up your IBC and the incorporation agent offer you the office address immediately, than forwarding and scanning of mails is normally on top of it.
  6. negon

    negon Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    True it is, however, what I'm looking for this time is a Virtual office service where I don't have to register a company each time!
  7. anticfc

    anticfc New Member

    Any particular location? I'm guessing that if you go to Coworker.com: Find & Review Coworking Spaces you'll small co-working places that will be interested in doing this for you.
  8. negon

    negon Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    naahhhhh, good suggestion however, I look for a service provider not a lot of people to explain anything to, that's too time consuming.