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Visa and MasterCard have issued alerts about another processor breached

The security breach occurred at a Merchant Processor. Visa is not disclosing the name or location of the Merchant Processor.

This is a very large compromise, similar to the Heartland compromise, but slightly smaller.

Track Data WAS NOT compromised, only account numbers and expiration dates.

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these breaches are obviously bad for our industry, as when the card data is resold, much of those cards are used for affiliate sales, especially when you get info that is primarily useful online, these are becoming more and more frequent
Dang, this is something that raises concern but I hope the good guys stay ahead of the nasty ones and fortify the security codes even more. It's a tough world out there. Everyone is wanting to make a living. It's just that some shun the honest way of doing it.
Another one bid the grass, hmmm strange that people not just get their security in place and comply to the card associations regulations.

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