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Premium Advertising Partner Wallester Business: Free virtual cards – lifehack for any business


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Sep 29, 2022
Hey Offshorecorptalk people!

Let us share a great life hack made possible by Wallester, VISA corporate cards solution.
Wallester Business free package offers 300 free cards!
If you don’t need more than that, you can use this solution for free forever.

What’s included?
- 300 cards
- Multicurrency support – 10 currencies
- Easy and fast KYC – completed in 24 hours max
- Personal BIN option
- Skip 3DS on chosen sites

Who’s it for?

- Media buyers who need efficient payment solutions
- Companies with traveling employees who need hassle-free management of bookings, taxis, and other expenses
- Businesses working with freelancers
- E-commerce, travel agencies, and platforms

Sign up now to get your 300 free cards with no fees!

Which needs do you think could be covered with corporate cards? And what features do you usually look for?
Let’s discuss!
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I'm a fan of your service and have already an account with your, but why the heck should I need 300 cards?
Hi @cuno!

Thanks for the feedback!

You definitely don't have to use all 300 cards. Some businesses need that many because they have around 300 employees and use the cards for payroll, bonuses, business trips, and related bookings. Plus, some companies use a lot of cards for media buying, finding it handy to have a separate card with a set limit for each online ad channel or campaign.

Feel free to ping your account manager to learn more.

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