What are the acceptable fees for High risk merchants?


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Hi guys,
I have a product that i don't succeed to make a cover for it, because of the sales price amount.
Anyway , concerning an high risk merchant , what are the acceptable fees, rolling/retention and payout timing?


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For years it has been like the 10 to 15% rolling reserve and up to 15% processing fee. On top of that Pharmact and unlicensed gambling paid a premium fee of up to 5%.

Anyway, check how many of the real high payment processors are still around that will give you a picture how risky it is for both the payment processor and the merchant.


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I heard it too, but seems they are not reliable, would appreciate to hear some names to check them


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Those Chinese payment processors are great until they stop settling (for one of many possible reasons) and you have zero legal recourse to recover your funds. If you work with one, make sure to negotiate hard on settlement structure. If your processing volume is good (six figures a month and low chargebacks), they can and will budge on rolling reserve and settlement delays.