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What does a Cyprus holiday rent villa cost?


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Dec 19, 2009
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Typical Cyprus villa kitchen It does depend on the size, standard and location of your villa (the best views are usually more expensive) and how you choose to book.

"Package deals" with certain villa companies include flights and usually a hire car too. These are generally good value for money and are easy to arrange but you CAN save money if you have the time to organism it yourself.

This is because villa companies make their profit by typically paying only 50% of the rental charge to the owner. Villas rented privately are often cheaper as an incentive for people to book. And the internet has made booking it "DIY" so much easier.

For an average size 3 bedroom/3 bathroom villa with private pool, prices start as low as €600 Euros per week in low season rising to €1880 Euros or more in high season.

Larger villas with luxurious fittings and "extras" like a jacuzzi pool or sauna/steam room can cost up to €4270 Euros per week in high season.Whilst this may sound expensive, if there are 10 of you staying in a 5 bedroom villa in a luxurious, secluded location this is still great value for money compared to staying in a luxury spa hotel.

You do, of course, need to choose your Cyprus holiday villa wisely especially if you book through a villa company offering holiday accommodation in Cyprus. We know from experience that not all villa companies in Cyprus are equal so don't just choose your holiday accommodation based on price alone.