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What EMI to use for Cyprus company or better use real bank?

Approx 4 years ago. Had no residency in EU whatsoever. But a year ago they asked for EU residency and closed an account.
okay, thank you, so it may be true they won't open accounts now unless you have substance or are good connected in the banking network.
From my personal experience, I can say that Bank of Cyprus sucked even ~3 years ago: fees not much friendly and monkeys there trained under the usual average ;)

Can't say anything particular about Hellenic, though.

Just generally, if you do not need loan, cheques, safe box etc., then a reasonable EMI is a better option that a Cypriot bank, IMO. To name a few different but worth attention – e.g. Currenxie, Zen, Verifo, Wamo, Interpolitan Money, Ecommbx, ... Intergiro was a very good bet but they have waiting list now and it is not well manageable.

Re: EMI for your Caribbean company – where in the Caribbean is your company incorporated?
BoCc was fine when we used them but were quite pricy: €50/month maintenance plus a bunch of other fees and if they had to re-do KYC they would charge us that €600-700 extra (and f**k us with requesting a bunch of documents). But online banking, mobile banking and even phone banking worked pretty good, can't complain.

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