cyprus bank account

  1. J

    Wise account for Cyprus company - waitlist

    I tried to set up a Wise account today for my company in Cyprus. During registration, I received information that: "Due to high demand, we can't onboard business from this country right now. Join the waitlist, and we'll email you when you're able to sigh up" Has anyone had a similar situation...
  2. metronic

    EU bank account for Cyprus resident company

    Hey everyone, I run a social media marketing platform and am currently a non dom in Cyprus with my LTD also being a resident here. I have a few EMIs but I also heard some have bank accounts for their Cyprus company in other EU countries. I am wondering what the process and requirements are to...
  3. metronic

    Cyprus resident and company

    good evenings guys, I am moving to Cyprus in the next 2 weeks and I wanted to see what banking options I have as a Cyprus resident and with a Cyprus company. I read that a few Swiss banks will take you with a personal account if you can pay the deposit but the one I am more skeptical about it...
  4. James Spader

    Understanding The Cypriot Financial System & The Leading Institutions In This Segment

    On a proportional rate to its economy, the banking system in Cyprus is impressive. It is large and widely diversified – even larger than the banking systems in bigger and more developed countries. In 2010, the total assets of the banking system were almost 900% of the GDP. Other countries in the...
  5. C

    must fill and sign CIF bank card when changing mail address?

    Requested to change mailing address for Cyprus company with bank in Cyprus. They sent a CIF card (2 pages full of customer details) that needs to be signed and returned to the bank. Form must be signed by signatory of the company. Question is, who is this signatory? Shareholder 100% is the only...
  6. L

    Find the right offshore company, stock trading.

    Hello! I have looked up on a lot of information on the offershoretalk so far this month。 As an china citizen and resident,I am a stock trader with 7 years of investment experience. Due to the extremely poor capital controls this year, my personal Interactive Brokers could not be cashed out last...
  7. dropshipking

    Don't want to pay Vat anymore

    Hi, Im a dropshipper based in Belgium and I am dropshipping to Sweden. (meaning people buy in my store and I buy the item on Aliexpress and have it send to them) Right now my company is based in Belgium, so I have to pay 21% VAT. Right now I am looking to open a new company in Hong Kong to...
  8. A

    Very concrete question. BVI company+Cyprus bank= ?PayPal?

    Hi, im stuck in this situation: I have Belize company and Cyprus bank acc Tried to register Cyprus PayPal account, they said that if paypal account is registered in cyprus, it must be Cyprus business registration address must. Tried to registered BVI paypal, cannot add any cards/bank...
  9. E

    Bank account with utility bill from EU and Canadian passport?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if you open a bank account in Cyprus for a Seychelles IBC with a Canadian passport but an EU address/utility bill will you get reported to both, one or none? Basically I am resident in EU, dual citizenship with a Canadian passport (non-resident there so no tax...
  10. K

    BVI company + Bank of Cyprus account

    Dear All, I am going to set up a BVI offshore company with a corporate account in Bank of Cyprus. BVI jurisdiction has zero tax and there is no need for accounting/audit. However, if I will have an account in Cyprus, would I have to pay some taxes or I can open account in any World bank and...
  11. crispgo

    Best Cyprus bank account where?

    I'm really in urgent need to get an offshore cyprus bank account for my business. What is the best bank I can open an account with, one with less requirements and less questions please?
  12. negon

    Cyprus banking secrecy still apply!

    I found this and it clearly states that Cyprus still holds the banking secrecy. However, I don't understand how this is possible if they have to comply with TIA and other information exchange programs? It's interesting and...
  13. James Spader

    Offshore Bank Accounts

    Offshore Bank Account; Guidelines and procedure The International business world undoubtedly needs a quality Offshore Bank Account provider. However, first getting the prerequisite conditions to qualify for the account and getting the best account are all together intricate. But if you check...