1. Aiwiz

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    im stuck in this situation:

    • I have Belize company and Cyprus bank acc
    • Tried to register Cyprus PayPal account, they said that if paypal account is registered in cyprus, it must be Cyprus business registration address must.
    • Tried to registered BVI paypal, cannot add any cards/bank accounts.
    • Have Cyprus proof of address of company, but not belize (belize has only registration address).
    How to solve this PayPal issue? I tried to read a lot here, but can't find the right answer, or at least the right person to contact..
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  2. diablo

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    Have you asked paypal if they are able to help you to get the account verified? Most often they reply after a day or two if you open a support ticket.
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  4. Aiwiz

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    First of all, sorry for confusion, i though for some reason BVI stand behind Belize. I have belize company not bvi..

    when it come to PayPal, it is tragedy and they never helped me, just made hell of confusion. Firstly, they said it is ok to create Cyprus paypal account, will just need to proof that i have office in cyprus (thats no problem). but when i started processes they said if it is Cyprus paypal account it must have cyprus business registration number. and in my case, i have belize business registration number. every time i call them, i get different answers, i am really stuck here

    basically the question is: BELIZE company+Cyprus bank account=which country choose while registering paypal? any experiences?
  5. suzy

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    you will need to setup your entire presence in Cyprus i.e. VPN, hosting, Company, bank account and even fake your documents in order to get this done right!

    Take a look here https://www.offshorecorptalk.com/threads/how-to-setup-your-entire-presence-in-cyprus.23098/ I think this will Work for 99,9% of all of us.
  6. Aiwiz

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    so it is impossible to open properly PayPal account while having company in Belize with Cyprus Bank Account?

    the thread you've shown cannot be displayed for me for some reasons..
  7. ImKing

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    No it isn't I have such a setup, but it requires some special setup that "suzy" mentioned in the mentor group as he/she said. I figured it out how to do it, but won't share it here since it shouldn't be saturated as with the darks in the past!
  8. blueweb

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    Seems I will have to subscribe to the MTG Again...
  9. offshorewebhosting

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    We stopped using PayPal some time ago. Too much red tape and confusion.

    If you really want a simple solution:

    1. Setup an Irish Company
    2. Setup PayPal with your Irish co

    Irish co. contracts with Belize company and provides payment services to it.