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What is the cost of a Forex Trading company license?


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Dec 30, 2008
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Forex is a big business, which involves a lot of money. Because of this, rules and regulations have been put into place to ensure that the market is not full of ‘cowboys’. Of course what this does mean is that people looking to get into the industry will have a ...

To register a Forex trading Company and obtaining a forex trading license in Cyprus, you need nearly 1895 Euro. The cost includes the registered office address and registered company secretary services, nominee services if applicable. Reporting of the annual report is not included but need to be negotiated before depositing the fee.
You will need alot of capital in order to start a Forex trading company which is licensed by CYSEC!

The registration fee is only the smallest part you have to pay, the license is another EUR 27k and on top of this you have to pay someone to prepare all the required documents, further, you will need to pay up the share capital which is depending on the companies activity between EUR 80k and 200k

You can learn more at this link Forex Trading Company in Cyprus also scroll down and check the FAQ below the page.
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