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What member status would you trust more on OCT?

Considering to buy from a member at OffshoreCorpTalk what member status would you trust more?

  • I will trust only lifetime member!

    Votes: 18 37.5%
  • I will trust elite member with escrow!

    Votes: 8 16.7%
  • I will not trust anyone without escrow!

    Votes: 22 45.8%

  • Total voters
Looks like you are lifetime member! - I'm still thinking about it.
I consider lifetime if my budget allow me it. Have anonymous services to offer the community which I want to sell.
That may be true and also something we considered before we allowed the first user to become a lifetime member. However, there is no cost to board a new lifetime member and for that reason we can simply stop issuing new lifetime membership if it won't be profitable long term for the forum.

Right now we need funding to keep the forum running, that's why it went out to be a good idea. No one here is driving a Ferrari nor is getting rich, all money goes into the development of the forum which can be challenging from time to time.
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