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What's the total cost of a Wyoming LLC?

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What would be the annual cost of having a LLC in Wyoming as a non US resident?

I read there is an annual report to do for 50 USD but that's it.

And I heard there would be other fees like filing forms and stuff if you are a non-resident, but I did not quite understand.


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Around $150 for registered agent, around $100 to fill state forms, the $50 annual state fees and around $500 to pay an accountant to fill the 5472 for you


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You will need to ask them to know about it, but I guess because they will know where you are, who you are and what you have
So they are penalizing me personally, not the company, right?
If I live in Russia there are not many things they can do to get that money from me.


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As I said you will need to ask them to know about it, but yeah I think if you live there then it could be difficult for them to get the money


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Set up upto 500 and yearly costs about 500.
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