where i can get my landing page done?


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i need help promptly to create high end LP for entertainment product . so it should be fancy pre-lander with niche content . i would make variations of the original design and split test ,do i need copywriter ?

not quite sure where i should look ?


any others ?



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i would go for upwork.com as you can find best people there. Key here is you have to post your ad at like 2pm CET so you will get replies from people from serbia, ukraine or romania instead of india and pakistan.


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I have used most of these platforms for different services over the years. I would personally recommend People per hour. Although not as big a platform as say Upward or freelancer, the standard of freelancers is generally higher... for various reasons.


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There is a forum around, can't link to it from here but Google Black Hat World and you will find it, there you can find hundred of good freelancers, just make sure you don't use a noobs service!


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thanks for the answers .

yes i know this forum but i prefer site like freelancer.
i want something very professional