Where selling my Madeiran freezone company ?

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Hi All,

I know promotional discussions are not free so I'll do it easy.
What's the best way to sell my Madeiran freezone company ? I should look for a broker or there're online services/marketplaces where promoting it ?

Thank you.

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Hi euinchina,
Madeira is for sure the best place in Europe to setup your company if you've an yearly turnover in the 6figure range.
Normal taxation is 14.7% while I'm selling a company with a freezone license which grants a flat taxation of 5% until the end of 2027
Freezone licenses are no longer available since the 1st January 2022 so the only way to own one is acquiring an existing company so let me say first why I'm selling.

Since the end of August, I'm negotiating a big deal whose details are obviously confidential because protected by NDA but I've no problem in telling a bit more. We're talking of a super premium domain name that I'm going to sell in the high 7figure range to a multinational company.
The negotiation will be long but there're high chances to close the deal within the end of the year.
Basically I'm retiring considering I've enough for my needs to live a more quiet and relaxing life :-D

The Madeira structure is perfect: operational company with local director (already paid for the first year) owned by a Madeira holding company (to avoid dividend withdrawal taxes).
You can spend the holding money in any way you like for any personal needs including buying homes, cars, shopping, fuel and much, much more so 5% will be your only tax apart few thousand euros per year for the company maintenance.
I'll leave the new owner in the hands of one of the cheapest and more professional tax consultants in Madeira.

There're basically two important obligations to keep the freezone privileges: an investment in favor of the company of Eur 75k within the first 2 years of activity and the obligation to hire a local employee within the first 6 months of activity.
The company has already a coworking space included with this sale and there're some tricks either to avoid the employee and the initial investment.

I'll reveal to the future buyer how getting around the employee issue (if needed) though there're many qualified people to be hired at relatively low monthly salaries in Madeira.
The investment is not really a problem considering you can sell to the company any tangible/intangible asset you already own so it will be in debt towards you (investment done to comply with this important requirement and you can see all the advantages behind the concept).

I've also heard that if you just deal with software only 50% of your income will get taxed which should mean paying a mere 2.5% but this should be confirmed.
It's not my case so I didn't investigate further.


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Getting a bank account may takes 3/4 weeks but the tax accountant does most of the job for you. Both companies have already a double currency account (Eur/USD) at Santander just to say there's really no catch and it's all realistic.
Buying an existing company means you'll just need (if you like) to change the company name and corporate purpose.

The purpose may simultaneously includes tons of diff. fields as in our case: buying/selling/renting/brokering intangible assets, buying/selling/brokering/rentilg real estate, business consulting and much, much more all in a single company.

Madeira will make your dreams come true but for my luck I've good chances to reach this goal within the end of the year to start a new life.

No, nothing changes for existing companies authorized to operate in this special regime till the end of 2027 after that there's a plan to negotiate a new window of 6 years (if I remember correctly) but nobody knows for sure if this will ever happen.