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Where to open a bank account for ''reasonable amounts'' ?


Hey, guys,
I am reading about opening bank accounts and I am trying to set a country to open a bank account.

I don't want to open a bank account in an unreliable country or with banks that may face problems in the future (remote islands, unsafe countries, etc.).

But I have not yet reached the level to open an account in a country like Switzerland, Luxembourg, HK, Liechtenstein, which require high deposits or have many fees.

What would be the "middle ground" (intermediary countries) ? A country with a reasonable level of privacy, but with reasonable fees and initial deposit? I have read many topics in the Forum, I think Cyprus or Austria might be a good option.

At first I would like to use the bank account for amounts between $10K and $50K. I intend to open other bank accounts to split the money, but I want to open accounts in safe countries.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.
Hey, where did you end up creating bank accounts? It would be great if you could share
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Mentor Group