Which Country should it be?

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  1. nejb0

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    I'm getting desperate! No bank wants to deal with an American company. I would like to try again, with a new company opening (no longer in the US) Question: How can I open a bank that offering Ecommerce? Which country should the company be? What works 100% ?? I dont care about taxes, I pay these.

    It should be cheap and I just do not want the customers who pay in to see my name.
    Help please
  2. blizz

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    What do you mean by that?

    What requirements do you have?
  3. nejb0

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    We sell software online. Customers should be able to pay online via our homepage by credit card. My name must never occur at the payee, only the company name.

    I do not have much more requirement! It should be low cost to open a bank or company.
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    You want to check if there are any limitations to go with a Seychelles, Belize or St. kitts corp. these are very cheap to incorporate and provide some sort of privacy. You can open EMI's or real bank accounts for it in Cyprus.
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    If you are using a payment gateway for your business you want to check with them first which countries they accept for card processing before you setup a company somewhere!
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    Thank you!

    What kind of experience do you have with UK ltd's? Is it easy to open a bank? A really bank not just an EMI or Ewallet
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    Work out who you want to bank with first because belize/Seychelles are increasingly finding it harder to get banking setup.