Which EMI is best for large consulting fees?


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Is there an EMI in which you can accept fees from US, Australian & Canadian clients between 5-20k? Is there any EMI you could trust?

My business is B2B consulting and I have a few merchant accounts but I just want something that increases redundancy as most merchants hate large credit card payments.


Martin Everson

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Sometimes i have no time to answer...my bad . The previous post was "needing to take credit cards for US or Irish company"

OP needs to understand that 3 chargebacks of 20k would put a medium size processor out of business. Plus from clients in US? eek¤%&. He is Disney land for real.


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I might be in Disney Land or Epcot, but I have a legitimate question.

Most of these clients would be paying me in $5k increments towards the $20k. Some pay by wire and some will pay via credit card. Currently I'm taking all wires without any issues.

If they want to pay by card do you know any options?