Which (EU) country is lenient wrt "fringe benefits"

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    If I wanted to start a (subsidiary) company - not for the sake of making a profit, but to be able to deduct what is really personal expenses on the company - which country would you choose?

    So the corporate tax rate isn't very important, but for example being able to deduct (mostly personal) travel expenses, a car, and other living expenses would be ideal.

    In which EU country would you be able to deduct the most?
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    Some of the mentioned expenses are impossible to deduct as company expenses! I assume you are looking for a legal setup which the tax auth. in your country will accept? True ?
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    How do you do this legally?
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    As an example, travel expenses in some countries are tax-free according to a government approved "assumed cost of living" in the given country. If you don't expense more than this, you don't need to provide receipts etc.

    The "assumed cost of living" can be very different from country to country. In one country you can expense 15kEUR tax-free for a trip that you can only expense 3kEUR in another country.

    Similarly for a car. In some countries they want you to have a car and the taxable "fringe benefit" of having a car is low. In another ccountry it's high.

    In some countries they have tax benefits for CEOs etc.

    It's not clear cut that these things can't be expensed.
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    WoW what countries have this tax law applicable?