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Which offshore company structure to choose?


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Jan 3, 2009
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In the process to make a second company structure for a new large investment we are planning to do in the near future.

What we are looking for is a Bahams Holding company which owns a Seychelles Holding company and which again owns a Cyprus Investment company, as we have spoken with many people around also our own local lawyers, it seems to be the savest solution for hidden investments.

No I read here and on other forums that the Bahamas are changing their minds and started to open of for tax exchange information with some other countries, do you think that they will enter into any other TIERS in the near future or would it be safe to go ahead with our plans?
The way you describe you want to structure your "second" setup sounds to me like a stronge structure to protect your privacy and stay anonymous, if your intention is investing in another company or even acquire it, you might be fine with it, just make sure how you build up the management structure of each company and the legal documents between each offshore company... Im sure I don't need to mention this, but failing to have the legal documents in place or not to structure the ownership right will give potential problems during your investment process.
Thank you very much for your reply SysOp. Yes a Seychelles Holding company was perfectly fine for us and exactly what I expected it to be useful for. Also very quick to incorporate without hassles at all.
wosniak said:
It seems to me that <<snippet>> is into hosting and many other industries he is a busy man lurking on forums to hunt his customers :)
Don't BS on me ;)
For a Cyprus holding was working very good, after a few months work with my tax & legal advisor my Cyp. Holding owns my Norwegian company and a few other corps. do I need to say that I reduced my corporate tax to only 5% in total :)

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