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Which would be the best jurisdiction in terms of taxes for registering an NFT Project

Cyprus is a good option, but please note the following:

(a) The NFT project would fall under the crypto asset service provider registration requirement.

(b) Registration as a CASP is required prior to engaging into regulated activities.

(c) This can be avoided to some extent with proper structuring.
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What about Cyprus versus Malta versus Georgia for a class-3 type company (not NFTs)? With minimal reporting and requirements? If you can move anywhere in the world, and have other directors across Europe and US but you are the founder where would it be best to go? Everybody in the space wants compliance but the rules are pretty insane right now. Mandatory hiring of AML officers in some jurisdictions.
Mandatory hiring of AML officers in some jurisdictions.
In Switzerland we were looking to pony up the capital for a RWA company (that had a valuation of 600m based on revenues).

Ref AML -> When going through the process (this was pre FTX collapse - or just as it occurred).

One of the Directors had to do Self Certification AML processing, then on top there was a third party organisation which was mainly API driven...

So perhaps finding a country that offers that, in our organisation we fortunately don't take outside money so it's not something we have to consider directly -> just have to ensure counter-parties are legit and regulated.


I'd imagine however.... Bahamas... or Malaysia (offshore region), Panama, Antigua...

Bahamas and Malaysia will have access to local banking with corresponding... Panama perhaps also, Antigua not so sure.
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