Why did they take down backpage.com?


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Backpage advertised escorts in the US and it was taken down for facilitating prostitution by the FBI. I wonder why backpage.com has been seized, while there are still escort agency websites and escort websites in the USA.

Was it because the text and titles in the ads suggested sexual services? Was it because the pictures suggested sexual services?

What do you think?


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Long story short: Backpage.com didn't do anything about clear messages/signals from people/girls being trafficked who needed help.
You can read the entire verdict online if you google properly. It's an interesting (long) read.

I'm starting an escort classifieds website. So I gathered lots of info about keeping it clean.
I'm targeting European escorts so that's a different cup of tea.
If ever you get some smell of human traffic, you have perhaps a moral duty to make an anonymous report to the authorities.
In addition to avoid and ban the IP of people posting such ads.
Some escort classifieds website are asking for a copy of the escort ID which will at least show there are no minors involved.

Keep it clean and safe for everybody and you can sleep nicely.