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Why one should form a Company and start business in India?


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Nov 30, 2009
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India, the land of largest democracy of the world with a proven, transparent and independent judiciary, was an old age business destination of western countries. The availability of largest and cheapest English speaking human resources along with affordable raw materials and IT revolution etc have placed India on global industrial map. So anyone interested to do legitimate business as per Companies Act-1956 can form a company in India.
I think some more facts about India needs to be added. There is "single window policy" and "automatic route" opened for foreign companies/investments in India also. So many of such administrative delays are being minimized now. Sorry for double posting.
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The problem with India is the same problem with Switzerland. Both countries require large amounts of money up front as deposits to start a business. India, as I recall more was reasonable in the amount of money required than Switzerland was, but it is an obstacle in both places nevertheless.

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