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Will I get troubles with an offshore bank if I use nominee director for my company?


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Apr 11, 2009
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Wonder who is going to sign the application from the offshore bank if I have a nominee director for my offshore company?

Also if I want to open a brokerage bank account how can this be done in respect to the nominee services I have?

Will the nominees be the people which will sign for the company and are they then the account holders or will it be me in person if I have a power of attorney?
It depends on the bank and which offshore jurisdictions you choose, normally it is the apointed director of the company which is opening the account, sometimes it will be the beneficial owner of the company which will need to sign the application for the opening of the bank account.

In any case, it isn't an issue, as you mentioned, when you have a nominee director for your offshore company you will also have received a POA which will solve the issue.

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