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I have about 20-25 UK PayPal accounts, each with 500-1000 GBP, with more on the way. The PayPal accounts are OK, verified, etc. The problem is moving the money out. I have about 3-4 UK bank accounts (sort code+account number) which I can use to extract, but the issue is moving money to these "extraction" accounts.

* If I send with "Friends and Family" from A to B, both A and B, and everyone else they've sent or received money from, get shut down.

So I'm considering:
* Take 3 of the accounts, attach a UK bank account, send as "Goods/Services", and just take the 3% hit.
* Make some sort of web store, everyone buys stuff from the store, take 3% hit again, but the transactions look more legit maybe?

These add the complication of income tax..... Unless I send the money to a different country where they don't care about tax.

Any thoughts/ideas?

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