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Wyoming, Delware or New Mexico, please tell me what's your choice?

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No, US LLC’s (treated as disregarded entities) are some of the cheapest entities to run if you’re not a US person. It’s probably $500-1,000 a year all in if you don’t lift a finger yourself.
I see the attraction, but just those two forms is a lot more than what a UK ltd (treaty non-resident) requires. With a $25.000 minimum penalty for late filing I feel like the expected cost of such a setup is higher than what you say.


I see the attraction, but just those two forms is a lot more than what a UK ltd (treaty non-resident) requires. With a $25.000 minimum penalty for late filing I feel like the expected cost of such a setup is higher than what you say.
If it's treaty non resident then it's resident somewhere else, why not just form a company in that country then?

And, you'd still have to file accounts with companies house.


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Do you pay an accountant to file the required documents with HMRC?

And BTW which documents needs to be filed for a non resident UK LTD?
I'm actually paying a law firm, so I'm probably paying too much, but the filings are interesting.

Although I'm not 100% sure, I think the company has the status "dormant for Corporation Tax". The HMRC doesn't mention treaty non-resident companies on their web page, but I assume that the lawyer has requested this status. What's great about this is that all that is filed every year only CS01, a total of 5-6 pages of boilerplate stuff, including dormant accounts, which aren't really accounts, it's just a confirmation that the company is still dormant and does not need to file accounts nor is in need of an audit. The reported balance consists of only the issued share capital and is completely unrelated to the balance for the PE in the resident country. I believe the crucial point is that the company have never "traded", as in never traded in the UK, thus it's in essence filing as if it still was a shelf company.

I trust that this filing is legal as my lawyer has this as his expertise. I guess that's why I pay €200 for him to send an electronic filing every year.
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Look, i wanted send you a PM but you probably disabled that feature so i'm going to ask you to tell me the law firm that did that for you since i'm interested in creating a non-resident UK LTD. 200€ a year it's a price i'm more than willing to pay.

If you don't want to answer in public just send me a PM :)


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Guys get back on topic here.. you have been discussing UK LLP and the subject is a whole other! It's so annoying to move posts all the time!


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I'm considering to setup a New Mexico LLC as holding company to prtect my assets from future trouble. Will there be any limitations as you see it? I'm not a US citizen, I only have crypto assets which I want to protect, so for someone not knowing better I read it as this is a good setup for me?


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there are three methods
1: fax, takes about 2 months
2: Post mail takes about 1 month
3: calling the IRS at the number provided for foreigners, this is immediate.

For the process of the LLC in addition to the registered agent there are sites that do the management for free
I think something changed with the IRS because today I called twice (N° +1 267-941-1099, also the option for requesting the information in spanish is no longer available) to get the EIN number and got rejected, I've been told to do it either by mail or fax, they said that if the bussines is filed in the US, this is the only way to go, so I assumed that the telephone option would be for bussines filed abroad?
I have a very similar setup with the New mexico llc with the same provider, Tomorrow I'll try with a different number to see if I can make it by phone, otherwise I'll try by fax. If you have any insights in how to do it the right way it will be much appreciated
Thank you for the valuable data you provided
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