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X-Cart or SunShop - Pro's/Con's


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Jan 3, 2009
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I am currently tossing up between X-Cart and SunShop for my Australian Business.

I have heard both negative and positive about both scripts so I have comming to you for advice.

Both are able to handle Australian Tax and Postage which is good.

I would like to know what people think of the software in a commercial environment. How it works on a server environment. How it looks and feels. Is the $50 worth it for Sunshop.

One thing that I do not like about SunShop is that you have to pay 50% of the licence the second year to receive updates.

Any comments on both scripts will be greatly appreaciated. If you are even selling one of these scripts even better.
Sunshop in my opinion...better looking site all round, the x cart plug ins are a pest.

I'm pretty sure cscart handle australian tax...and it's a topper of a cart.

CS-Cart. Powerful PHP shopping cart software

Also you may consider litecommerce software from the manufacturers fo X-cart. It is also pretty good, but generally aimed at small-medium stores.

LiteCommerce online store builder

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