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Your opinion on offshore banks on the Internet?


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Jan 3, 2009
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Many local banks have taken updated, so that a lot of banks which operate through internet as are the offshore banks.

All banks know that their most important investments don't have time nor disposition to stay in a only place and the online banks are the most simple way to save time and money.

But There are many persons who disagree. What do you think about it?
Well, it is very important to check the bank for which you are going to apply for, even if it looks legit it can still be a fake.

That said, then I believe it is much faster and less expansive to have your banking going through a real Internet Bank (which still has a brick and motor presence)
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There are advantages of Internet banking. Business people can save a trip to the bank by accessing their personal and business account information thru internet banking. They can also check their balance, pay their bills online anytime, anywhere.

Just be aware of internet banking security as identity theft is a growing problem today.
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