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Hello Alex, while you are looking for the best jurisdiction to set up your forex business, you might be also interested in forex web development, if so, I provide fx brokers with crm, web trading terminal, afilliate platform. Let me know if there is something I can assist you with.
I was thinking of going with a custom platform since I do have a full stack developer at hand who works well and very cheap (eastern Europe for the win I guess).
But feel free to drop me a message at [email protected] if you can provide me with general pricing and timeline guidelines.

Best regards,
Hi, if you still need an account in the US for your business then just use Payoneer, I have been using it for ages and it works very well for people in south africa
Hello Mate, Good post i have some ideas for you ?

Maybe we can exchange it with one dropshipping tips ? i just begin in another part of the world and curious about it
Ok, Tell me if i can receive money on that visa... i am from balkan too. but my country bank system cannot accept money directly on visa card-ordinary or platinium...
Hi,may I inquire how’s your TBC (Georgia bank ) going? I am also interested in offshore business , nice to meet u
Hi offshoreisfun, nice to meet you too.

I have a personal account with TBC that I opened at a branch, because I'm physically in Georgia. I have had a good experience with TBC so far.

I think that Georgia is a good jurisdiction to live in, but I don't know if it's the best place for an offshore business. The banks here seem mostly used to people doing business in (or from) Georgia.
Good day James, can you please share directions on how to pay the £17 to Companies House being myself in the same situation of the user who started this post "How to pay for Scottish LP confirmation statement - I do not have a UK cheque book"? I would really appreciate your tips on this matter. My confirmation statement is due by April 12th. Thank you in advance!
Open-plan spaces and shared offices provide higher rates of sick leave

25 sick days

According to the new Norwegian study from autumn 2019, employees working in private offices showed an average of 19-20 annual sick days.
In comparison, employees in open-plan spaces were on sick leave for 22 days on average, while colleagues in shared offices reported a sick absence of 25 days per year.
hi, sorry to bother. were you able to solve the payment issue for the confirmation statement of a scotland lp? i am in the same situation and would appreciate directions. thank you!
What thread do you refer to, jsut so I know what this is about?
this one: "How to pay for Scottish LP confirmation statement - I do not have a UK cheque book" thank you
any help?