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    How to Avoid CRS - 3 Options as of 2019

    What do you think will happen after your bank (in CRS country) reports to your fake residence country? What is the reaction of tax man is supposed to be? Is he going to wonder why he received CRS report on this person who is not supposed to be tax resident there according to tax man's own data?
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    Investing in Funds, ETFs and stocks offshore
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    Investing in Funds, ETFs and stocks offshore

    Not banks but brokers. Interactive brokers in US or Galt&Taggart in Georgia
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    Recent experience with Hong Kong personal account opening

    It's something like this There are so many of these plans and they seem so unnecessary complicated that i never bothered to explore in-depth There is one upside to these insurace things though. Basically...
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    Where can I buy dedicated IP addresses

    How is it different from dedicated VPN IP which is offered only by ANY vpn provider around?
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    Recent experience with Hong Kong personal account opening

    Oh, and i forgot to mention they started pushing their life insurance deposit thing right away (thing where they freeze your money for minimum 3 years but you ge tlike 5% usd annual return, many older Chinese customers looove it)
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    Recent experience with Hong Kong personal account opening

    Citibank was funded same day by quite large cash deposit (>20k usd). So far so good. He was happy with Citibank success and did not approach any other banks.
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    Recent experience with Hong Kong personal account opening

    Here is very recent experience one of my clients had you may find interesting Customer - citizen and resident of CIS (former USSR) country. Not russian. Documents provided: passport, ID, bank statement from home country bank as address proof. Bank statement printed from internet. It's always a...
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    To-Do List to Avoid CRS

    If i were you, i would close this account and open a new one (preferably in different bank) acting as UAE resident from the start. Depending on account balance, i would avoid transferring money between old and new account and withdraw balance in cash, then deposit on the new account
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    Any good crypto-friendly bank ?

    That's actually less than average time. And you'll never know what obscure money institution your money will come from (if they do come after all). Better yet, more often than not after few weeks they can tell you your withdrawal can not be processed. Seriously, this drives me mad, given how big...
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    Personal accounts in Singapore\Hong Kong

    It's a second largest bank in HK, it even issues Hong Kong dollar notes. It does not really get more reliable than that...
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    Need advise on Seychelles IBC business address for TW

    Hello. Never dealt with TW before. I know that to open business account i will need to provide business address confirmation at some point. Here is the thing. There is paper Seychelles IBC without any bank accounts or business history. The only address it has is registered address on Seychelles...
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    Personal accounts in Singapore\Hong Kong

    I think it was confirmed few times here, i and i can say personally as well that Bank of China is the easiest at the moment (especially if you are EU resident), they don't even require address proof (they do require it for investment account though). Here is email from them 1. Customer are...
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    Crypto Friendly Offshore personal account

    Georgia is Europe's mining centre. Their free economic zone in Tbilisi is sponsored by Bitfury after all. So Bank of Georgia does not care about crypto