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    Redemption in Taxes

    Oh yes, that's what I was looking for. Some kind of rebate from a native country. I would be now moving to UK, if no other prob arises. :)
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    BVI or Cyprus

    I don't wish to evade taxes, just reduce them legally! But looks like I will have to do this only if my profits would be bare minimum.
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    License for Cyprus Company

    Connections! I have only few of them. Looks like I will have to invite all entrepreneurs to my business party.
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    BVI or Cyprus

    I will prefer BVI, as I want to pay least possible taxes to government. Will it hurt on longer terms?
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    Redemption in Taxes

    Is there any country, which dismisses the tax of the person doing an offshore business?
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    BVI or Cyprus

    After getting lots of replies from other members, I have decided to be part of either Cyprus or BVI. Comparing 'Cyprus' and 'BVI' company, which one will be better if I will invest in 'Beverages' business?
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    Can I perform different business activities from under one company in Cyprus?

    If we can perform different activities under same company, we can merge two companies, right?
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    VAT requirements

    That's great! What is the process to approach government for the reduction of VAT?
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    Evading tax!

    I have heard that there are many people who evaded paying taxes in their home country. Is there some way to do so? Or was it a hoax?
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    License for Cyprus Company

    This is the question regarding my anonymous private company. Does a license needs to be register for a Cyprus company if you are going to do investment business?
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    Registered office and agent

    Why should I pay for the Registered Office and Registered Agent if I won't even use them?