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    Any BANKERA feedback?

    They've been said that for ages, and customer service told me there is no ETA. Anyway the mobile version of the website works pretty good.
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    Someone using ?

    All non-custodial local crypto-wallets don't require any remote account to be created except Edge (anonymous, anyway). So they didn't ask you documents because they don't even know you exist as user unless you do some currency swapping inside the app.
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    Does offer personal IBAN? doesn't use personal IBAN for withdrawing, but a Currency Cloud shared IBAN (not "blacklisted" as crypto-related, as far as I know).
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    ePayments is gone!

    Some have been contacted, I can't find anyone telling to have access to funds yet. Source: 2 friends and a Telegram channel.
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    Question Best place to store stablecoins

    Interesting topic, thank you very much. So Guarda Wallet (and Changelly, ChangeNow, Atomic Wallet) is not a reliable option anymore for me after reading that. Moreover I found out Guarda Wallet is NOT fully open source, unfortunately I'm not able to edit the previous post in which I told it is.
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    Question Best place to store stablecoins

    There are plenty of reliable software wallet. I like Edge (only mobile) and Guarda Wallet (desktop + mobile) because they are fully open source, so nothing should be hidden inside. Right, non-custodial. Yes, if you leave it on the desk ;) On Metamask (and any other software wallet) is the...
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    List of Trustable Crypto Exchanges

    + personal IBAN (for European, of course), that's a big plus.
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    Bitwala / Solarisbank as for masking exchanges/crypto from Revolut/Transferwise & Co?

    This is one of those cases I would pay to hear the 2 sides of the story :)
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    Avoiding taxes on cryptocurrency trading profits (Cyprus)

    The author is well known as reliable in cryptocurrency's profit advising, but he is not a tax expert at all. Anyway I can't see any relevant criticism in video's comments.
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    Someone using ?

    There is no exchange service without profit and Exodus is not an exception.
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    Any BANKERA feedback?

    I had a chat with support right now, they still have no ETA for mobile app.
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    Small changes in forum layout!

    Good job, thank you for that and for everything you do for the community.
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    Someone using ?

    Exodus looks cool, but I'd rather use an open source wallet to manage cryptos. My favorite is Edge, only mobile and the only one I trust. A good mobile & desktop alternative is Guarda Wallet, open source as well. Both of them have "internal" coin switching features relying on the same external...
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