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    Accept payments without revealing my real name

    The problem with crypto is that unfortunately it immediately lends an air of illegitimacy.
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    Accept payments without revealing my real name

    I have a simple cloud-based computing service that I want to charge a monthly fee for. (Nothing unholy, it's related to sports betting, I just aggregate some data, do some computations and allow users to run simulations.) I expect to make a modest amount of money $20/month for the service...
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    Paypal Blocked my Account with 2K

    you have to keep contacating customer service, either via phone or email. Most of them are brain dead and will just copy&paste the same thing over and over without reading your message. approximated 1 in 5 will read what you said, and about 1 in 3 of those will help you. You will get it...
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    Beware with Paypal if you're selling virtual goods

    Is gold farming still a thing? I thought most game studios are just selling it directly themselves nowadays?
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    How to get phone numbers for Google Verification?

    He's a new member who revived a 1-year old thread in order to post a link.. I wouldn't take his words too seriously....
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    WhatsApp and Facebook will provide decrypted messages to UK police

    Facebook has 0 respect for people's privacy; I imagine they will give in, and use "safety" as a justification..
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    How to make website owner intractable?

    Depending on what you're doing, much of this may be unnecessary. You can just buy a prepaid mastercard from a supermarket with cash, and use it to buy hosting from a regular hosting provider with a fake name. If the hosting is in a different country from the people you are pissing off, then...
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    How to withdraw from PayPal without bank account??

    So, what currency do you have on your paypal account ?
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    Paypal personal and business

    PayPal are a bit inconsistent and it seems they largely depend on human reviewers. Someone I know had an eBay account linked to his PayPal, it was a good account that he'd had for 9 years and then one day he sold a camera, withdrew the money and didn't send out the camera. (I told him the...
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    Withdrawing money from about 40 UK PayPal accounts

    I have about 20-25 UK PayPal accounts, each with 500-1000 GBP, with more on the way. The PayPal accounts are OK, verified, etc. The problem is moving the money out. I have about 3-4 UK bank accounts (sort code+account number) which I can use to extract, but the issue is moving money to these...
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    Why PayPal is asking customers to pay by card if they have a balance?

    This can happen if the seller is attempting to set up a regular payment or "save your paypal details", (e.g. subscription service) instead of a one-off single payment. Some websites have a tick box that let you disable this at check-out.
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    UK citizen with bank account in Georgia

    Are you asking which documents you need in order to open a bank account in Georgia?
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    UK citizen with bank account in Georgia

    Yeap I've done this. But for some reason it doesn't let me withdraw in EUR; it will only withdraw in USD. Even when I have a EUR balance, it converts to USD. Did you have any such issues?
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    How to extract cash from a credit card?

    Brilliant, thanks guys, this fictional character will have a lot of fun :)
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