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  1. maiden

    opening a bank account in cyprus.

    what kinds of account do you want to open? Personal account or business account?
  2. maiden

    Company registration cyprus

    You can also have offshore company in your own country. You only need to find out the best one that suits you.
  3. maiden

    How to pay for employees in offshore?

    My clients usually pay their employees using Skrill and Visa. It's more efficient and easy to use. But I have some others that pay by paypal.
  4. maiden

    The Birth of Offshore Company Formation Cheap

    I already creating a thread though. I can't find them by googling, all just a crap without even a single one exist here. Anyway thank you for your time.
  5. maiden

    The Birth of Offshore Company Formation Cheap

    After reading it, actually I don't think there's a single one of them exist in Brunei, They don't give me address or something to check out.
  6. maiden

    How do I set up an offshore bank account in Brunei?

    I'm currently confused about this one. Can someone tell me what will I need for this and the price I need to pay?
  7. maiden

    New Ideas Into How Does Offshore Banking Work Never Before Revealed

    This is my main opinion about how they work An offshore bank account is simply an account that is outside the country where you live. For example, a UK resident person may have a perfectly legitimate reason to have a bank account in the US such as a rental property. The US account would be...
  8. maiden

    The advantages of offshore company formation

    I have read this on many forums and was wondering what you actually think is the best advantage of an offshore company formation? 1. to gain 100% Privacy and anonymity 2. tax benefits like reduction of corporate tax 3. tax evasion 4. get the business run less complicated For me it's point 1...
  9. maiden

    Review of Offshore Companies House

    I don't think there is offshore company that use Paypal as payment service. If you want to build your own offshore company, you should also get a Visa for your needs.
  10. maiden

    I would like to create an asset management company.

    It depends on the size/scope/assets under management of the company. Usually there is an element of leveraging of client assets in order to achieve better economies of scale (e.g. pooling money together to get preferential fees based on size, or to be able to invest in some more exotic funds...
  11. maiden

    Panama, Hong Kong or other offshore jurisdiction whats now the best?

    I will vote for Hongkong company. Some of my clients still using them until now and their business growing well.
  12. maiden

    The Birth of Offshore Company Formation Cheap

    Thank you for the link bro. Gonna check them out. Hopefully it works though
  13. maiden

    hong kong company setup

    I have one client that live in Hongkong and currently running this business.. I can give you his contact if you want.
  14. maiden

    What are the beneficial open offshore company?

    But remember for the registration you need to directly visit them unless you can ask your friend or family to assist you.
  15. maiden

    Offshore Company Corp : Handle Your Offshore Business Effortlessly Review

    Thank you for the sharing article mate. I just submitted some emails to them regarding some missing info in their website.
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