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    How to get the US residency?

    Importing a lot of third worlders is a good source of voters as well for the ruling party. Canada for example has been allowing a **** ton of indian immigrants in regardless of whether they can speak english or french, they cannot man even basic cheap labor jobs and are reduced to doing...
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    Leaving Canada While Unvaccinated

    That's good if you plan on leaving and never coming back no ? I have to come back to the country one more time to finalize the sale of certain assets, you'd have to upload it on ArriveCan and they'd catch on quickly. Let me know what you think. Doing it the legal way is preferred if possible.
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    Leaving Canada While Unvaccinated

    I am planning a definitive leave from Canada due to its near-dystopian culture of propaganda, censorship and second class citizen division in the name of "science". Until recently the unvaccinated couldn't do anything, let alone go buy clothes at H&M while omicron was brought into the country by...
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    European Commission calls to axe investor citizenship schemes with immediate effect

    In Canada many provinces are already going forward with a digital ID that centralizes every information about you, from your vaccination status to your education. It will become the norm to open a bank account or even rent an apartment. Either you're part of the grid where they know absolutely...
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    Singapore income tax for traders

    1. Bahamas is solid and has good infrastructure, interesting tax rates as well and very close proximity to Miami. If any hurricanes happen you'll have many ways to protect yourself even though some property damage is the trade off. 2. Seychelles used to be a good place but not anymore, too much...
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    Le Pen winning the france election?

    Factors to consider: - The pandemic radicalized a big portion of the population, especially after the monumental **** up the french government did while handling the yellow vest protests in 2018. A big part of the "working class" hates Macron now. They'll never vote for Macron, while a lot of...
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    Credit Suisse leak unmasks criminals, fraudsters and corrupt politicians

    Most of the big swiss banks will bend the rules and will do anything for clients above a certain net worth. That includes banking dictators, criminals, known fugitives, even people flagged on OFAC sanctions or interpol. These people like those banks not because of the secrecy (They aren't...
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    Bank account in Monaco - documents - tax return

    Locals (Citizens) live in government sponsored apartment buildings where the rent is minimal (Usually not more than 1000-1500 euros a month). They dont have to worry about rent and cost of living as much since most work for the public sector and have tons of perks to begin with. These shoebox...
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    Experience with Mexico?

    So far the only people i know that successfully moved to mexico had one of the following reasons: 1. They had legal issues/were part of the mob and wanted to lay low away from all the heat in their home countries. But even there their troubles back home eventually caught up to them in mexico as...
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    N26 Bank - CRS

    A lot of EMIs/Banks/Crypto exchanges focus more on "pretending to be compliant" and less being actually compliant. They got first line defense controls like KYC, account freezes for large transfers to ask for documentation, but nothing that stops a smart money launderer from gaming the system...
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    N26 Bank - CRS

    Even with CRS, they're interested in busting the big fish, 6 figures plus in deposits to begin with. If you deposited 50k in some bank abroad i strongly doubt an overburdened and understaffed tax authority from your typical western nation will be bothered to look into it. However, if you deposit...
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    Woman Caught Smuggling £5m in cash from UK to Dubai

    They have a million ways to get cash out of the country, this was just one of them. The fact that they are willing to risk that much cash for a single trip shows they have significant means to begin with, so it was probably a slap on the wrist for them lol. Once the cash lands there, it doesn't...
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    Belarus banking ?

    If you must bank in eastern europe try Estonia, sure they are EU linked and will comply with CRS faster than anyone else but keep in mind the country still runs on russian mob money. There's no shortage of private banks there that will do magic tricks for you if you're wealthy enough. At least...
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    Cryptofriendly banks

    Only way i could handle crypto efficiently without passing through clown EMIs is using onshore banks. That of course requires your money to be clean so if you got dubious sources you don't have much gateways to get access to banking unless you're well connected. There are international banks...
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    Cryptofriendly banks

    I wasn't telling the guy how to reduce his tax bill if that's what you're referring to. Taxes will have to be paid regardless, there's no way to "cheat your way out legally" unless you're a russian oligarch with deep pockets. Relocating might be convenient in many cases still if that means you...