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    Question Birthright citizenship

    Mexico is an option, but I am much more interested in those Caribbean tax havens. The important matter is if the parents of a citizen (the child) are eligible for a residence permit?
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    Where to go for vaccine tourism?

    I am also interested primarily in the Sputnik vaccine, but how would one go about receiving the vaccine in Serbia? Some wrote that foreigners were only offered the AstraZeneca vaccine, and others wrote that there is a website where anyone (including foreigners) can register to schedule an...
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    Crypto dividends to personal bank account

    I am no expert, but having used a lot of different exchanges, EMI and banks, I can also say that I believe the suggested setup could either be fine or be totally impossible. It depends on so many different factors, and anywhere along the chain something might go amiss. As mentioned, many...
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    Where to go for vaccine tourism?

    I believe that is exactly the case even in most developed countries that even if people are getting vaccinated, it might be going incredibly slow, with different priority groups first getting vaccinated. In particular, it is well-known that in the EU there is a huge vaccine shortage. Maybe it...
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    Question Birthright citizenship

    Some countries offer citizenship to anyone born there, regardless if the parents are citizens or even have a residence permit in that country, and I am wondering if it would be possible to obtain a residence permit easily by having ones children born in any of those countries offering it...
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    Where to go for vaccine tourism?

    I am interested in visiting some country to get vaccinated, where vaccines are available for foreigners, and I am wondering if anyone has any experience with this? I read Serbia has been offering it, the UAE, and even in Russia it is possible. Any other options? Where is it easiest? How to go...
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    Which Crypto Visa or MC card if not crypto.com ?

    There are lots of recommendations here. I wonder if anyone has tried Trastra?
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    Second Passports

    Concerning the second passport programs in the Caribbean, one important thing to keep in mind if you go for the real estate option is that usually there will be huge additional fees in the Caribbean when buying real estate.
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    Question Experience with Trastra?

    Does anyone have any experience with Trastra? How does it compare to say Wirex and Advacash?
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    How to save my FINANCIAL ASS in case of divorce/break up?

    I created the thread on the very same topic a while ago, and I also consulted some lawyers about it. There were different answers, because I live in different places, so no one has been able to give me a definite answer because different laws obviously apply in different jurisdictions. I think...
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    Question Cryptocurrency affiliate programs

    I saw that many cryptocurrency platforms offer affiliate programs, and I was wondering if there are any hindrances to say open a professional-looking office on the street, and convince people to sign up? Similar to how for example life insurance companies have independent agents with offices on...
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    Nexus and Celsius tokens

    What are your opinions on the tokens offered by Nexo and Celsius? The two platforms operate a seemingly similar model, as far as I can see.
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    Question Hide money from wife

    I had an idea that perhaps paying for a life insurance would be a good option? It is after all a service I am paying for, completely legit, and no one could argue against the need for a life insurance, right?
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    Question Hide money from wife

    I messaged you on Telegram. I would not mind other opinions though whether such an elaborate scheme is really needed? And maybe like Martin Everson said, I can just take a risk and buy stablecoins and put it into cold storage? If someone asks, I just say I was scammed in a crypto scam.
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    Question Hide money from wife

    The scenario you say that she would just hire a very basic divorce lawyer is highly likely. The country where the bank is located, she has no connection to there, and I am not a resident there either. Furthermore, she lives on the other side of the world. I think as such that you sya that...
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