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    Is there a database with shops accepting Bitcoin and other Crypto coins?

    I remember that one of the leading crypto sites used to have a huge list, but it was somewhat outdated, and many of the companies were local companies. The number of big companies accepting crypto payments is much smaller, and I do not know how the situation is these days. I know for some time...
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    Experience with FxAutoTrade?

    Yes, exactly, and have it tied to my IC Markets account. I am trying to figure out if this is a good choice, or if I should go through the hassle of setting up an EA, even though I am just a beginner. I would get some knowledgeable friends to help me set up the EA. It seems much simpler with...
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    Tokenization of real estate

    I remember many years ago I saw many websites like these, and then I heard nothing about it, which seems like a bad sign. I do not think this is anything new? Those websites were usually focused on the UK or the USA. I am sure some of those websites are still around, but I doubt it is some great...
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    Experience with FxAutoTrade?

    Could something like FxAutoTrade be a better alternative for a beginner compared to setting up an EA?
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    Experience with Nexo?

    Considering there are so many service providers, perhaps I should mention specifically that the setup I had in mind is to connect Zignaly with Binance through their API, and choose among the traders (copy trading) or signal providers offered on Zignaly. It seems convenient because it is...
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    Offshore company in hong kong with bank account ?

    I can say from own experience that even opening a personal banking account in Hong Kong is very hard these days without being a resident. People working in the sector told me that opening a corporate account for an offshore company is pretty much out of the question. Even for local companies the...
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    Experience with Nexo?

    What kind of deposit would you recommend? They even offer fiat currencies, for example euro, with a 10% interest rate. Most of the crypto currencies have lower yields, so I guess euro would be preferred?
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    Experience with Nexo?

    It is off-topic, but you seem experienced, and I wonder if you know anything about copy trading in crypto or signal providers? If so, how would you deem the risk level?
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    Experience with Nexo?

    Does anyone have any experience with earning interest rate on crypto deposits with Nexo?
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    Trading signals

    Of course with the example you give it would make no sense to sell the signals, but these people have many subscribers, so if they get a good reputation then they can get a pretty huge passive income stream. At the same time however, they all seem to use algorithms, and then it makes me wonder...
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    Trading signals

    I am curious, what are your opinions/experiences about paying trading signals? For example using a website where one can copy signals for 30 USD and use it with my trading platform?
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    Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Mauritania, Tanzania, Togo and Zambia can issue this World Passport, what's your experience?

    Legitimate investment citizenship programs? YES! Passports from countries no one would want to put their foot on? No! It is easy if following that logic. Would you travel there? No? Then definitely you don't want a passport from there.
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    High interest rate accounts

    Hi, What countries offer good alternatives for currency savings accounts with high interest rates? I read Georgian lari and Armenian dirham are good choices. Any other suggestions?
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    Cheapest private banking in Georgia or Armenia?

    Hello, What banks offer the lowest capital requirement for a private banking account in Georgia or Armenia for an individual?
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    I can make you rich - does it have a value?

    I understand that you are not selling anything, and maybe I was not clear enough; instead, I only wanted to illustrate how it might look to most people: they browse on Google and see guides being sold for a few dollars, and they see it on Darknet, and how could they be convinced that your guide...
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