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  1. buenosdias

    Switzerland grants 18 more countries access to bank details.

    Original article: Switzerland grants 18 more countries access to bank details The Swiss parliament has approved the automatic exchange of bank data with 18 additional countries from 2021. However, Turkey failed to make the cut. On Tuesday, the Senate followed the House of Representative’s...
  2. blueweb

    The list of non CRS countries 2019 - 2020

    I have compiled the below small list for all of you to get a quick overview of what countries don't participate in the CRS (The Common Reporting Standard) which is an information standard for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) regarding bank accounts on global level, between the tax...
  3. V


    Hi guys, My business partner and I (Bahrain resident) are planning to incorporate a BVI company and BVI corporate bank account. My business partner being an Australian citizen is concerned how the AEOI CRS policies will affect his Australian tax liability status. As far as I know BVI does not...
  4. L

    Is there still any goa meaning to create an offshore company since aoei ?

    As said in the title ... Is it still any meaning to create an offshore company as, with aoei, bo of the she bank account will be reported ? (Event with nominees)
  5. Dubsize


    Hi guys, wanted to share the AEOI status of commitments. Below you'll find each country in his category (compliant, will be compliant, will be compliant by 2019/2020 and non compliant. Hope this helps. JURISDICTIONS UNDERTAKING FIRST EXCHANGES IN 2017 (49) Anguilla, Argentina, Belgium...
  6. M

    Is Paypal/Skrill/Neteller reporting according to AEOI ?

    Anyone please can answer whether some of these online companies (Paypal, Skrill, Neteller) report the balance according to AEOI as of now, or not ? If not, when will they start doing so pls ?
  7. Dubsize

    Reporting to country where I don’t live

    hi guys, I have two citizenship : number 1 and number 2. I live in country number 2. What if I open a company and a corporate bank account in a third country where I don’t live and I don’t have citizenship using my ID papers from country number 1 where I don’t live? The bank will report to...
  8. E

    CRS and FACTA. Which law governs what information they send to jurisdictions at end of year?

    Since most countries are under OECR AEoI Common Reporting Standard regulation or FACTA there is information they send at end of December every year to respective jurisdictions. So I am interested which law and paragraph governs WHAT KIND OF INFORMATION has to be sent to respective jurisdictions...
  9. E

    Which EMIs are not subject to OECD / AEOI / CRS reporting?

    There are plenty of EMIs like Revolut, Monese, BUNQ, N26 and others, but the question is - are these payment processors subjects of OECD, AEOI, CRS reporting standards? At end of year do they report to clients jurisdictions the balances on the client's accounts OR their annual turnover? If...
  10. D

    Remote bank account opening in non AEOI/CRS country?

    Is there a bank in a non AEOI/CRS jurisdiction where you can open a personal bank account remotely?
  11. Midas Gordiusson

    How banks assess "account holder" for CRS / AEOI purposes

    I am considering being the investment advisor for an IBC that's managing investments for a foundation. The IBC will need a bank account and a brokerage account. As the IBC's investment advisor, I would open the accounts and state the IBC as the owner, but with myself listed as the business...
  12. M

    AEOI of UBO?

    Hello, am a european passport holder, residing in Hong Kong. Will the UBO of a RAK Free Tade Zone/Dubai company be reported? Based on my understanding of the AEOI, it will not be reported. If i open another offshore company in Mauritius/Seychelles and get a bank account in these...
  13. Flycatcher

    Beware, governments now exchange tax info via MCAA, AEOI and CRS

    Didn't see this mentioned around here, thought I'd put this up. What's important to know when planning your tax structure are the recent agreements and protocols concerning automatic tax information: Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement (MCAA) (MCAA signatory states), Automatic Exchange...
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