1. Macky

    Macky New Member

    Anyone please can answer whether some of these online companies (Paypal, Skrill, Neteller) report the balance according to AEOI as of now, or not ? If not, when will they start doing so pls ?
  2. void

    void Active Member Entrepreneur

    according to my Skrill VIP manager they are not reporting anything for now (last time I asked about 10 months ago)
    they will start when the regulatory conditions will change - Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN: 900001)
    but I can't say I believe them everything they say...
  3. respect

    respect Offshore Agent Entrepreneur

    PayPal does report to CRS: PayPal
  4. KJK

    KJK New Member Entrepreneur

    void can you please send me a private message or share some way of communicating with you?

    I'd like to ask you something private, I think we are in very similar situation doing very similar stuff and solving the same problems. I have some ideas to share and brainstorm.