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  1. S

    Canadian Dollar Non-CRS Banks (Not Europac)?

    Hi Guys, I’m looking for a bank account in a non CRS region. I’ve been banking with Europac and they are a nightmare. Won’t let us do anything with our money without a billion explanations and even then our requests are rejected. I like the idea of banking in Puerto Rico because of the...
  2. C

    [Question] Not CRS reporting?

    As I understand, the CRS is the system that report all my activity about money-transfer and such to my country, and I am trying to avoid this. Any tips for a bank account I can use that do not report under CRS?
  3. C

    gold bullion dealers in EU report purchases to home country?

    If I buy gold bullion online from Germany and have it shipped to my home country (another EU country), will my home country's tax agency receive any CRS information about the purchase? Bullion bought online, paid by bank transfer from bank outside of home country.
  4. T

    Offshore company + EMI. What are the dangers?

    Hello, I am living and working as a sole proprietor in an EU country. While taxes are generally sky-high, we have a handy tax scheme, where you pay roughly $160 a month, and you can have tax free income of up to $39,000. You have to pay 40% of tax on any amount exceeding the limit. This is...
  5. I

    neat.hk and CRS compliance

    Hello guys, I have set up an offshore company not long ago in Hong Kong and i have both a business and a personal account using Neat. Just recently i got aware that Hong Kong has joined OECD group of countries and CRS compliance is a requirement. My question is if Neat is required to comply...
  6. blueweb

    The list of non CRS countries 2019 - 2020

    I have compiled the below small list for all of you to get a quick overview of what countries don't participate in the CRS (The Common Reporting Standard) which is an information standard for the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) regarding bank accounts on global level, between the tax...
  7. Susanlove

    online sales and CRS

    hello everyone! I am so happy to find this community where I can learn more about the OECD CRS reporting. I am from Asia and sell on ETSY online site (an Ireland-based company where CRS applies). I would like to know if there is any risk of being reported under CRS by selling on ETSY. ETSY is...
  8. B

    Anybody can provide residency papers?

    Is there a way to show to the banks I'm resident to a country (I want to show I'm resident in Philippines, residency than I'm getting in real in a few months, but they asked me for a declaration of residency now, and probably a TIN)
  9. fuorissimo

    Kraken Fidor bank, CRS?

    Hello, i see that Kraken, for EUR users, use Germany bank Fidor. When i sell my crypto, and FIAT are on my account, are stored in that bank account. At this point i'm under CRS? Im considering to switch my personal account to offshore account, before sell my crypto.
  10. I

    Is Skrill/Paysafe into CRS?

    I have a personal Skrill account and I'm planning to use it for commercial payments soon. I wanted to confirm Skrill/Paysafe policy on CRS before, so I contacted the customer service and they offered me a disturbingly vague response. According to them Skrill 'is not compelled to follow any CRS...
  11. M

    Hi there - questions inside

    Hello, I'm new here, trying to learn new stuff, and hopefully getting some help from some of the forum experts. Thanks in advance for taking the time to reading this post. I'm an online consultant with tax residence in EU, and income coming from EU and the US. The income coming from EU is sent...
  12. V


    Hi guys, My business partner and I (Bahrain resident) are planning to incorporate a BVI company and BVI corporate bank account. My business partner being an Australian citizen is concerned how the AEOI CRS policies will affect his Australian tax liability status. As far as I know BVI does not...
  13. I

    Personal bank account using 2nd passport from CIB program

    This is my first year as a tax resident in a low tax country, I'll cash out some profits from crypto next year (I'm avoiding cashing out the first year on purpose), and I was thinking of adding an extra layer of "protection" against my home country coming after me (I paid all my taxes before...
  14. 1nomad

    TransferWise and CRS

    Will you report my transfers to the tax authorities? TransferWise Limited is a UK company authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution. We are still evaluating the impact of the Common Reporting Standards, including FATCA, to our business and how we will...
  15. respect

    Bitfinex starting to report to CRS / FATCA

    Some Bitfinex clients have received the following email: What are your thoughts on this? I am really disappointed by this email, and a lot of customers are going to stop using Bitfinex because of this.
  16. M

    Is Paypal/Skrill/Neteller reporting according to AEOI ?

    Anyone please can answer whether some of these online companies (Paypal, Skrill, Neteller) report the balance according to AEOI as of now, or not ? If not, when will they start doing so pls ?
  17. E

    Does Revolut report end of year account balance or turnover according to CRS?

    According to CRS does Revolut EMI report the annual turnover or just the person end of year balance to respective authorities?
  18. E

    CRS and FACTA. Which law governs what information they send to jurisdictions at end of year?

    Since most countries are under OECR AEoI Common Reporting Standard regulation or FACTA there is information they send at end of December every year to respective jurisdictions. So I am interested which law and paragraph governs WHAT KIND OF INFORMATION has to be sent to respective jurisdictions...
  19. E

    Which EMIs are not subject to OECD / AEOI / CRS reporting?

    There are plenty of EMIs like Revolut, Monese, BUNQ, N26 and others, but the question is - are these payment processors subjects of OECD, AEOI, CRS reporting standards? At end of year do they report to clients jurisdictions the balances on the client's accounts OR their annual turnover? If...
  20. D

    Remote bank account opening in non AEOI/CRS country?

    Is there a bank in a non AEOI/CRS jurisdiction where you can open a personal bank account remotely?
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