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  1. A

    Advertising Private nominee service - Crypto-friendly debit cards, EMI and bank accounts, company formation.

    We would like to offer you our private nominee service. Whom is this service for? For those who care about privacy, financial freedom and long term stability. What is the main idea? We are a flexible nominee service, which provides the nominees from within and outside the EU. Our main target...
  2. D

    Looking for best way to receive money

    Hello guys nice to meet you. This is my case and I hope I could find the best options with your experiences or your knowledge. I'm a digital marketer (doing blackhat) I'm based in Mexico I need to receive international transfers with the following payment methods: SWIFT PAYPAL BITCOIN My...
  3. diablo

    New bitcoin debit card and wire transfer provider found!

    This Guys WB21 | Banking redefined seems to be a great alternative to the mess of AdvCasg, Bitpay and all other Companies that lost their bitcoin debit Card. I just send all my documents to their compliance to get verified, let's see how it goes. They claim you can fund your account with BTC...
  4. diablo

    Bitcoin Debit Card providers!

    Here is a lits of bitcoin debit Card providers I found! I have not tested them yet but looking into each of them, if you know one or two of the Companies and have some feedback to give, please post here urgently, your feedback is much appreciated. The Best Bitcoin Wallet...
  5. diablo

    Wonder if we can trust EXMO as an btc to euro exchanger?

    Does anyone know | Cryptocurrency Exchange. Buy and Sell BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC are they trustworthy as an Exchange service to get BTC to EUR ? Any input is much appreciated.!!
  6. aplusbangla

    Buy bitcoin with debit/credit card without 3D secure?

    hello, I would like to buy some bitcoins with debit/credit card but I lost my phone, the website I'm using is asking for 3d secure code, not that I lost my phone I prefer to find another website to buy btc without 3d option, if you know any, please share it with us. thanks. P.S: i've no...
  7. predator

    Review on debit card & please

    Hi, I have read a lot about the exchanger but can't find anything bad about them. Before I send them lots of my hard earned cash I would like to know if someone knows this service and if we can trust it? Another service I found seems to be exactly the missing link I have...
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