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  1. C

    EMI for BVI companies

    Can anyone recommend EMIs that provide EUR accounts and cards for British Virgin Island companies?"
  2. M

    BVI Incubator fund

    Can you tell me about your experience setting up the incubator fund? What are the steps? Any challenges in setting up the banking account? Do you recommend a corporate service provider? Have you done it yourself or hired a lawyer? How much did it cost you to set up? How long it took to set up...
  3. L

    Question Proof of address for operating address in BVI. How to receive it?

    Hello everyone, We have recently incorporated a BVI entity. Now during the registration at the crypto exchange, we should provide Proof of address for our operating address: - it shouldn’t be a PO Box - we should provide Proof of address - this can be a utility bill (a legit paper from a utility...
  4. 1

    BVI / Panama PayPal business account

    Hello, Anyone know or have experience with opening Paypal business account to receive payments for a BVI company? Same question for Panamanian company? Is it even possible and if yes, are there any limitations? Thanks
  5. H

    Established exchange for BVI ltd?

    Good day everyone, Do you happen to know if Coinbase, Kraken or Swissquote would open an account for a BVI company? Wanting to invest into crypto on the corporate level.
  6. Z

    Is offshore dead? Small business tax shield advice - UK & Offshore

    Is Offshore dead? I am a UK resident and have a small business that mostly works with US/EU companies. We are talking about relatively modest profits here and I don't pay myself much so most of the profits stay in the company. Given that I don't do much UK business I was looking at ways to...
  7. A

    Setting up a crypto trading business in the BVI

    Hi all, I am considering incorporating a BVI entity for an existing cryptocurrency business. Currently, I have an Ltd in the UK but the regulatory burden for conducting business in the UK is high. Therefore, I am looking into setting up an entity offshore. The business will be involved in...
  8. U

    Moving crypto assets & IP from UK to BVI

    Hello all, Have very much enjoyed reading this forum over the last few weeks, but have struggled to find much guidance on tax efficiently shifting assets offshore. I have a crypto related company based in the UK with a 7 figure balance in an Ethereum wallet, plus some brand and software IP...
  9. L

    Company for app income while traveling with reliable banking

    Hi all, I am looking to form a company to hold my app and receive income from the google play store and the apple app store. Monthly income, we will expect > 20k, targeting 100k+. Currently 0 :| still in beta but very enthusiastic users. We plan on traveling over the world (in a boat) so I...
  10. U

    Consequences of not filing BVI Economic Substance for a struck company that never operated

    I am a USC and have a BVI company that aside from forming the company nothing ever happened. I'll spare the long story but it was formed, nothing ever happened, no bank account, nothing, there is no nominee either. It was formed in 2018. The second year (2019) it did not get renewed (mostly...
  11. T

    Question Rate my setup! Cyprus + BVI

    Thinking of moving myself and business from UK to Cyprus (I have a UK and EU passport), with this setup: 1. BVI/UAE/equiv. company from which I invoice clients. EMI to receive funds. 2. Personal residency in Cyprus, under 60 day nondom 3. Cyprus shell company for appearances. Maybe run...
  12. dorien

    Companies in the investment realm - where best be for compliance

    I am thinking of starting an offshore company in the crypto space. It would not be an investment company, but it would be an intermediary relaying buy/sell signals from traders to investors' exchanges. I want to make sure the company is trusted and in line with all needed regulation. Hence I...
  13. Z

    BVI company formation

    Hello. I need assistance in setting up a BVI company. Which company do you recommend? Most the companies that I found online have bad customer reviews! What are the banking options for a BVI company? Is Bank One in Mauritius Island, a good bank?
  14. H

    Question BVI Incorporation Service Recommendations? Shelf companies preferred

    Hi all, I want a fast and reputable BVI incorporation service. If they offer shelf companies, it would be even more preferable but not strictly necessary. I want a fast and reputable service provider as need the BVI company ASAP. It is to be a holding company/shareholder of a business. I don't...
  15. Z

    BVI reputation

    Does BVI have good reputation? Is it easy to open an offshore bank account, receive wire transfers from our clients...? What are the cons of this jurisdiction?
  16. O

    BVI vs UAE (Freezone)

    Hi I'm finding the BVI & UAE Freezone comanies to be both great solutions for an ecommerce business. But the UAE is a lot more expensive when it comes to annual renewals. Was just hoping for peoples opnions on this. Is the UAE now seen as more respectable maybe? Banking isn't an issue these...
  17. fuorissimo

    Offshore and bank account, to sell crypto: help me

    Hi everyone, I live in Europe. I have about $ 1 million in Litecoin, which I bought in 2014, and I don't want to get caught by the tax authorities. Initially I decided to use this scheme: (1) BVI + NOMINEE DIRECTOR (and POA)> EPB bank account> debit card I would sell the Litecoins through...
  18. B

    Company formation in the BVI - best provider ?

    Hello, I would like to setup a crypto trading business in the BVI. I have only looked at Healy so far, but they seem a bit expensive. Other providers like Fletcher Kennedy are cheaper but have bad reviews online? How would one find a reputable and affordable service? Thank you.
  19. Kien

    First Bank British Virgin Islands - good?

    Hello All: A company incorporation consultant can help open a business bank account with First Bank BVI, www.1firstbank.com Is this bank good? We will be doing international trading transactions and need a good bank to process international payments to suppliers in China and other countries...
  20. V


    Hi guys, My business partner and I (Bahrain resident) are planning to incorporate a BVI company and BVI corporate bank account. My business partner being an Australian citizen is concerned how the AEOI CRS policies will affect his Australian tax liability status. As far as I know BVI does not...