Company formation in the BVI - best provider ?


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I would like to setup a crypto trading business in the BVI.
I have only looked at Healy so far, but they seem a bit expensive.
Other providers like Fletcher Kennedy are cheaper but have bad reviews online?
How would one find a reputable and affordable service?

Thank you.


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Thank you! Would you know if, generally, company formation fees needs to be paid out before the approval process is completed and what would happen if they're unhappy with the documents I end up providing?

James Turner

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There are many providers of BVI Companies around the world. Generally you get what you pay for in my experience so I would focus on whether the company is correctly formed, the quality of documentation, service and whether it can be used for what you need rather than price. Focussing only on price is likely to result in buying something which is not right for you.

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