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  1. mareinis

    Recommendations needed EMI with IBAN (regular account), e-payments alternative?

    Dear forum members, Can you please recommend the EMI or Bank for our company. We are internet based company, providing VPN services. We faced the problem with E-Payments, and now we are looking for a good alternative. What we are looking for : - easy opening procedure; - no video interview...
  2. D

    ePayments is gone!

    Hello everyone, I recently heard rumors that ePayments is going to lose it's license soon, and clients withdrawing their money in hurry. Does anyone know anything about it?
  3. TRX

    Transferwise, Paysera, ePayments or other?

    When reading the endless threads about this service, that service and something total different I get confused. Most of us agree that ePayments suck big times. That said some of us around are able to open accounts and get swift replies from them, lucky you. Left from the huge lists around this...
  4. happyjohn

    PaySera or ePayments - is it the same and what is best?

    I can't see what the difference is between Paysera and ePayments! I see that Paysera offers payment processing at some stage but is there anything else? Will you get your own IBAN account number with PaySera and would you say PaySera is better than ePayments?
  5. J

    Epayments.com Denied registration resident

    I am trying to register for and epayments.com account using my UK ltd registered business, But I am encountering issues getting past the stage of "Residential Address" and it keep declining saying "Denied registration resident with selected country " I am non Europe/US/CA resident. How do I get...
  6. G

    Epayments - FIAT to Crypto - Problems? Right way to avoid problems

    Does anyone had some problems with an epayments corporate account when sending EUR to crypto wallet? What is the right way to do it properly? Possible directly to private btc wallet or do they want me to use the DSX... what would then be the proper way to avoid any problems? epayments -> dsx ->...
  7. A

    Euro Prepaid / Debit Card for Crypto or Forex Trading Activity

    I am sorry if this is the right thread to post this question. My boss told me to research a companies who can provide a bulk of prepaid card for the Bitcoin or Crypto / Forex Trading activity for their clients. Anyone can help me out of this.. thank you in advance.. :)
  8. happyjohn

    ePayments and verification, someone had luck to reach out to their support?

    For a few days I try to get a verified account with epayments, I uploaded a bank statement which they rejected for no reason given. So I uploaded a car loan document which got rejected as well. The name, address etc is the one I gave them but they keep rejecting the docs. Does anyone had...
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