offshore banking

  1. H

    Small Investment Advisory offshore set up & related bank account / IB Family & Friends

    Hello there, I am planning to set up a small offshore Investment Advisory firm to legally be able to charge performance fees as Administrator to my Interactive Brokers Family and Friends members. Can you recommend a jurisdiction to incorporate? I am currently managing/ advising only 5 "clients"...
  2. Admin

    Now 100,000 post on OffshoreCorpTalk !

    Hello valuable member of OffshoreCcorpTalk, Yesterday we break the 100K post mark on OffshoreCorpTalk, we are happy to see that most of you have had pleasure to post your thoughts, opinions and questions on our forum. We value each and everyone of you and hope you will keep participating...
  3. Admin

    Question about sternbank - received spam mail from them!

    Today I was the lucky person that got a spam mail from ! Since there is a high demand on this forum for offshore bank accounts I thought I would give it a try and check them out. The first thing I see is an SSL error the site does not work, if I google them only spammed hits...
  4. T

    Seeking banking solution for (globally distributed) Consultancy Co.

    Hello everyone! I am a UK native. About 15 months back I started working for US start-up as a remote consultant in the role of lead software engineer. I progressed fast to effectively becoming technical coordinator and head of technical staffing. Since then I've travelled through several...
  5. M

    Apply for a offshore company formation along with offshore bank account

    Hi, I'm a new member and I'd like to know what is the best way to apply for an offshore company formation along with an offshore bank account simultanously! Is there a trusted firm able to able take of every documentation and then deliver the Newly applied offshore company + offshore bank...
  6. Bit Tilted

    Request IPTV structure Advice

    OK Guys, hope you can help with some advice, all my reading on OffshoreCorpTalk tells me that you Guys are the folks with the working knowledge. Here goes I am US citizen, ready to start IPTV provider website, biz, with boots-on-the-ground multi-level marketing and awesome website and apps...
  7. F

    How is banking in Serbia, can we open an accoutn there?

    I read from time to time about Serbia as a banking destination but failed to find any agent or reliable service provider that can help to open a bank account there! Does someone here know about a service that can help open an account with one of the major banks in Serbia? Main requirements...
  8. hiju

    Explain what bank to use from 2019?

    Hi guys, need to know what bank we shall use in 2019 for offshore banking? Everything is shut down it seems, only possible way left is to open a real Cyprus company with real office which is OK but not sufficient. Dominica seems to have some banking available but I can't reach out to them as...
  9. lavel

    Offshore Bank Account or EMI where?

    Hello fellows :D I would like to take this question up again in the hope that this thread could build up a list of offshore bank accounts and EMI available under the following conditions: Personal visit can be arranged company is Belize, Seychelles or St. kitts Tax information exchange is no...
  10. clemens

    Where to offshore bank while Cyprus not work any longer?

    Now while Cyprus has banned Belize corps for Cyprus bank account opening then I would like to know what to do. So far I can only see that we have the following options in regards to EMI's LeuPay Mister Tango Revolut Wirex N26 If we want to open an account that also support crypto currency the...
  11. blizz

    What are the offshore and EU banks we can open remote bank accounts.

    Could we list the banks where it is possible to do remote bank account opening either Offshore or EU and either with- or without agent / introducer? I would really like to know what banks are available and what my options are! I know EMI, Cyprus and CIM bank so no need to mention them, I want...
  12. blueweb

    Where to bank easely?

    What bank can we open an account with remote and that can handle IBAN, SWIFT and SEPA transfers? I don't really care about privacy this time but more or less something easy and reliable?!
  13. blueweb

    Review Millennium Bank Poland anyone?

    Hi Guys, I read a few time that Millennium Bank Poland is the bank to work with as an alternative to Cyprus, St. Kitts, Bulgaria and EMI's! This is the url Klienci Indywidualni - Konta, pożyczki, kredyty mieszkaniowe, karty, lokaty - Bank Millennium I was wondering if someone has opened...
  14. bountymounty

    Offshore corp with EMI account still good?

    What you guys think! With all the discussions going on here and about darks, offshore company, offshore banking and EMI accounts I was wondering what the preferred setup is for most of you guys? What is it you are going for EMI, offshore accounts, what jurisdiction for company?
  15. icecold

    poll: What you think! Do we still need a offshore bank account?

    I was wondering what you opinion is. Most of us may have learned about EMI accounts and how easy they are to open and apply for. Do you still think it is a good idea to open a real offshore bank account?
  16. M

    What is the best banking for my offshore company?

    I have read a lots the last few weeks. What I'm looking for I don't really know I read there is digital currency banking with debit card and there is real banking. With digital banking I don't get reported if setup correct with real banking I get reported and no chance to avoid it. Actually I...
  17. JohnK

    Best offshore bank you know from the list?

    I wonder what is the best offshore bank from the above list you know and have experience with?
  18. DeepDrilling

    Best offshore bank account for online business?

    I want to know what is the best offshore bank account for my online business that I can open without to visit the bank or to visit the country? Is there a bank that will allow instant account opening if I can provide all the documents at the same time? What alternative banks are there if not...
  19. drillbill

    Anonymous PayPal account and normal offshore account how?

    sorry if this is the wrong forum but I need to know how people accomplish to setup a anonymous paypal account to withdraw their money to some sort of offshore bank account! I understand how to setup the offshore account, it seems pretty simple, only thing that we need is an introducer or an...
  20. AlicaFunk

    Offshore Bank Accounts need more banks please?

    Please do me a huge favor and list all the offshore banks you know about and that can help with the opening of an account under the below listed conditions. No personal visit Skype call is OK if required USD & EUR account Debit Card that can be used anywhere also Internet No bankers reference...