1. azb1

    Payments giant Stripe says its reentering the crypto market giant Stripe says its reentering the crypto market
  2. Admin

    Stripe Rules That Confuse Business Owners – Requirements Explained in Small Details

    Different OffshoreCorpTalk forum users stick to different online payment platforms – whatever works for them. Then, different platforms come with different terms and conditions. One thread in particular has caught our attention due to the wide discrepancies in opinions and facts. Regarding the...
  3. D

    Hong Kong Limited, Virtual HKD Bank Account for Stripe

    Hello,I opened a Hong Kong Limited and I need a bank account now. Based of the pandemic situation is it not possible to enter Hong Kong, so I'm looking for alternatives. I found a lot of services which provide HKD account numbers but all I tested have a prefix in the account name.Example...
  4. Vladtepes

    Question UK Ltd + Stripe + Revolut Business Acccount for Non Residents

    Hello,Can I open a business account with Revolut for a UK Ltd if the director is non-resident and lives in Venezuela? or does Revolut not accept company accounts of directors resident in Venezuela?Personal accounts from Venezuela are not accepted by Revolut but I'm not sure what happens with...
  5. M

    VPN/VPS/Residential for a company abroad and do we even need it? (dropshipping, ecommerce, stirpe, paypal, facebook, and google)

    Hi, For us that are forming a company abroad (I will be having a UK Ltd.), do we actually need a VPN/VPS/Residential to use Stripe/Paypal?Stripe: I contacted Stripe about this and they said "As long as 2 Factor Authorization works in your country - feel free to use Stripe anywhere"PayPal...
  6. erni

    Was anyone able to contact Stripe?

    I have lot's of question to Stripe the payment processors. For some weeks I submitted a ticket to them, never got an answer.What is the best way to reach out to Stripe?Does anyone had luck to contact this company by email? I feel they are like PayPal, very risky since they can shut down your...
  7. M

    Stripe: Have a Store Name (Descriptor) different than Legal Registered Name?

    Basically, I plan to have multiple e-Commerce stores (dropshipping). Its sounds dumb to register a Ltd. for each one of them every time I create a new store. What if I have 1 registered business, named "ABC" and REGISTER stripe account for it, but CONNECT that Stripe account to a store named...
  8. E

    Question Can i use stripe with a Free Zone Company in UAE doing this?(Read More)

    Hi Guys,I recently opened a Free Zone Company in UAE, i do e-commerce so i need to setup stripe for UAE, and i discovered it isn't supported then in the Emirates. Talking with Stripe support they told me to use stripe atlas and open another company in USA in order to continue to use stripe. My...
  9. D

    Uk LLP problem with stripe

    Hi i have an llp in uk Members are I - live in use ( residency in uae ) - Nationality italian Company Dubai Free zone When I open my stripe or shopify paymetns, after all documentation etc, it required me Proof of Home address, but how can I do because I not live in uk They require me Utility...
  10. E

    Why PayPal/Stripe close/shut your account?

    hi guys,I hope all is well! For a person just started I would like to know, I was wondering what are the reasons that your PayPal or Stripe been shut down based on your experience or insights on this? It's never been an enjoyable experience to have to deal with that as I have seen people...
  11. E

    UK Stripe with UK LTD in non-supported country.

    Hi guys,I am currently living in a country in which Stripe does not support payment processing after I did the research I've set up a UK limited company for my store and a business registered address that can help scan and email forwarding the documents sent from the government. And now I am...
  12. C

    Alternatives to Stripe/2checkout ? Using UK LTD Company

    Hello There, I will try to keep this short. I live in a Nonsupported country to use stripe. I opened a UK LTD company with 1sformation and bought a UK phone number with Skype, applied to get a Stripe Account using a VPS located in the UK. I entered my payoneer account connected to a US Bank. All...
  13. A


    Hello guys, I have applied for a UK Ltd using 1st formation. I have seen people get through the business verification process smoothly for stripe, but the hardest part is the proof of address verification since I live in a non-supported country so I am not supposed to put my the proof of address...
  14. manoel

    What is the best way to create a stripe account for unsupported countries ?

    Hello,Please what is the best cheap and easy way to create a stripe accountPS: I live in an unsupported country
  15. John Dee

    [ STRIPE - Looking for contacts ] Who's working with Stripe payment gateway ?

    Just wondering, if somebody from here is working with stripe payment gateway, running successful e-commerce businesses online. If so, get in touch in this thread, we can brainstorm.Also interested in another e-commerce sub-topics like : Advertising and/or Dropshipping
  16. challenge

    Stripe dropping foreign owned LLCs

    Got multiple warnings from my friends that stripe is starting to require US based employees when the US LLCs are foreign owned.I mean they allow you to sign in and start trading then they randomly block your funds and ask for something along these lines: - us bank account, not emi - tax id of...
  17. speedfluss

    holding company setup

    I’m looking to create a holding company as a place to park various online businesses that i run such as :Online stores that sell physical products in Europe ( not dropshiping ) Blog that sells informational products ( Digital products ) Website that sells services ( Such as web design/...
  18. salimhm

    Opening a UK LTD for non-residents to use Stripe as a payment gateway

    Hello guys, I'm in the process of searching for a way to safely open a UK bank account and use it to start accepting CC payments. I found a lot of services, one of them being Launchese, which provides this service for 500$. I'm asking if it is really worth it or if you can recommend other cheap...
  19. Bonam

    Who had success receiving 50k€ per month on Transwerwise?

    I'm wondering if a personal transferwise fully verified can handle 50k€ per month from stripe?
  20. Nanoo

    Any shopify providers that can hide my Company name to my customers

    I own a shopify store and use at this moment Stripe to process card payment but stripe show my company name to the customers and i'd like to hide it.I'm looking for a provider that can hide my company name to the customers (during and after the checkout) by displaying the name of my store...