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tax advice

  1. D

    Renouncing tax residency (Spain) - still liable for tax after I leave?

    Hi guys. I am currently resident in Spain, and having made realised gains in crypto and using algorithmic trading (lots of small trades with small profits, ie. taxable events) I realise I already will need to pull my pants down for the Hacienda. Looking to the future, I would prefer not to be...
  2. C

    Canadian moving to UAE - am I thinking about this correctly?

    I'm a Canadian citizen who has the opportunity to maintain my income and relocate anywhere in the world, my employer doesn't care where I live. I'm investigating a serious life change to move to UAE (Dubai) in order to receive my income tax free. I've been approved for the remote-work visa of...
  3. O

    Spain to Malta

    Is there anyone who knows the correct rules when it comes to this situation. Being resident in Malta with a company there and hired by my own company, receiving a salary from that company and paying what I need in Malta. Rules say any income outside Malta I dont need to tax it in Malta as...
  4. D

    Need country with min 16% income tax

    My tax residency exempts me from paying tax on international income as long as I have payed 16 % or more on said income elsewhere. So far I have been using the U.S. for my international consulting work but the 30% tax rate is brutal. Any ideas about a jurisdiction where a non-resident, non...
  5. tdk

    Crypto-friendly bank in Spain to facilitate tax payment?

    (New member. Please let me know if I should post this in some other section of the forum. I have checked other people's posts but could not find a solution to my problem) Hi. Spanish citizen here. THE PROBLEM Years ago, living in the UK, I bought BTC on a personal meeting through...
  6. saurabhnsonar

    Question US LLC with non-US resident

    Need advice on US LLC and TAX liability: We are looking to open a US based LLC, The owner of this LLC will be a non-US resident, but we will have a manager who is a US resident. The operations for LLC will be completely remote. No office or sales from the USA, We are adding US based member to...
  7. J

    Question The best set up for OnlyFans business?

    I have an EU passport but residing in the UK, I’m making $12,000 per month currently but I expect this to keep growing. My partner has a British passport We have been looking at opening a company in Dubai and become tax residents to reduce the amount of tax paid in the UK while also allowing...
  8. I

    UK Inheritance tax (+offshore investments)

    Hey guys, is there a way to offshore investments to avoid UK IHT tax, preferably without relocation? I have $3m, across a property, ETF's and pension. (All legal) I'd hate giving HMRC $1m or more if something happens to me. I was thinking of setting up a Nevis LLC, owned by a trust, with nominee...
  9. G

    Taxation Digital services

    Hi Members, I have been looking around for quite some time to figure out the taxation for subscriptions and advertisements on our app. Our company (LLC-Delaware) has an App that customers can download from the Android & iOS store. In our app people can sign up their company and pay for a...
  10. Dragonage12

    Question What Investor/stock platform to use if you are from Kosovo

    Hi I'm asking for a friend who has Danish citizenship and he wants to use American or other investor/stock platform outside of Denmark to invest his money in, but he also has a ID card in Kosovo, so he would like to know if there is any way or platform that would accept his ID card from Kosovo...
  11. P

    Question Will Canadian corporate tax apply here?

    Hey, Will I need to pay income cooperation tax if I am a Mexican born citizen, with legal cooperation in Mexico and that does online business only in Canada selling physical products? Thanks!
  12. K

    What's the Best LLC for my Affiliate Marketing business?

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for creating a new company abroad and before doing that I wanted to hear about your experiences first. While searching, I heard a lot about UK LTD companies, and also about LLC in USA (Delaware). So knowing that my business is totally online, more in particular in...
  13. P

    Question Will Sales Tax apply in this case?

    Hello, I have a question I would like to ask, I did a lot of research but could not find any information concerning it. Would I still need to pay sales tax if I am 100% offshored to Mexico and Panama as an E-Commerce site that sells to the US market? I don't have any presence in the USA. The...
  14. A

    Costa Rican citizen using Transferwise - Taxing?

    Hello folks, I'm a Costa Rican citizen living in the country. I'll start receiving a salary from a US-based company under a scheme that I really don't understand. I was thinking of providing them with a Transferwise IBAN to receive the money. Am I subject to taxes in CR? Would TransferWise...
  15. D

    Opinions about Georgia HNWI for a nomad

    Would you recommend it? Any others' experiences? I'm wondering if it is worth applying given the following scenario: - Not intention to reside in Georgia more than a few weeks per year (tourism). - Not spending more than 183 days in another jurisdiction. - No substance, family, properties, or...
  16. A

    Local European tax advisors

    Hello. We are looking for a tax advisors in EU countries, each individually, to discuss the issue of double taxation and tax authorities with onshore tax legislation and residency
  17. D

    Moving to Swiss from Germany?

    Hello guys, Im algo trading crypto on a private account in Germany and become very successful doing so. Right now thinking about leaving Germany and going to Swiss (zug) and trade there as a private person. As I understand there is a 20% Tax on it. That would be fine compared to 45% in Germany...
  18. I

    Offshore company in Bulgaria/US residents/ dual citizens in Serbia/tax questions

    Hello everyone! So, I am in the process to find international tax consultant (so hard to find a good one), but in the meantime, is some of you familiar with these questions? Also, feel free to recommend some tax consultant (International or in Bulgaria) who may be able to answer these questions...
  19. M

    NHR Portugal - owning dividend paying stocks

    Hi, I am considering moving to Portugal and apply for NHR. I own a house in Netherlands which I would rent out and get the income from it and I own substantial amount of dividend paying stocks on my online broker account. I assume these two sources of income would be categorise as 'passive'...
  20. Howl1337

    Question Why UK LP is not "ought" to pay tax on profits?

    Hello everyone. So, I'm thinking about opening a GB LP and can't understand how we can not pay taxes on profits. The model is to keet profits on accounts of LP and does not widhraw dividends. The structure that been offered to me is 2 physical person nominees from Cypress as partners and me...
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