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  1. D

    Moving to Swiss from Germany?

    Hello guys, Im algo trading crypto on a private account in Germany and become very successful doing so. Right now thinking about leaving Germany and going to Swiss (zug) and trade there as a private person. As I understand there is a 20% Tax on it. That would be fine compared to 45% in Germany...
  2. I

    Offshore company in Bulgaria/US residents/ dual citizens in Serbia/tax questions

    Hello everyone! So, I am in the process to find international tax consultant (so hard to find a good one), but in the meantime, is some of you familiar with these questions? Also, feel free to recommend some tax consultant (International or in Bulgaria) who may be able to answer these questions...
  3. M

    NHR Portugal - owning dividend paying stocks

    Hi, I am considering moving to Portugal and apply for NHR. I own a house in Netherlands which I would rent out and get the income from it and I own substantial amount of dividend paying stocks on my online broker account. I assume these two sources of income would be categorise as 'passive'...
  4. Howl1337

    Question Why UK LP is not "ought" to pay tax on profits?

    Hello everyone. So, I'm thinking about opening a GB LP and can't understand how we can not pay taxes on profits. The model is to keet profits on accounts of LP and does not widhraw dividends. The structure that been offered to me is 2 physical person nominees from Cypress as partners and me...
  5. Gediminas

    Four most common tax optimization strategies for cryptocurrency traders

    Hey, As cryptocurrencies are booming more and more, investors and crypto traders are starting to think about optimizing their capital gain and income taxes on their crypto profits. As everyone’s situation is unique, in my blog post I described the four most common tax optimization strategies...
  6. N

    Question US CPA Recommendations for Non-Resident

    This forum has been extremely helpful but now I'm seeking specific advice from a reputable US CPA with experience working with non-residents in forming and operating compliant US LLC's. I'm particuarly interested in someone well versed in Startups/digital businesses (affiliate marketing) with...
  7. M

    Moving to Spain and maintaining UK non-dom status

    My first thread, please don't be harsh :) Long story short - I'm originally from Russia, moved to the UK 9 years ago, enjoyed a non-dom status very much. Eventually got naturalised, so now I'm UK/RU citizen. Married, have one kid attending a boarding primary school. Never worked in the UK...
  8. Giuseppe Rossi

    UK non-dom taxation with Cryptocurrency

    Hello everybody, I live in the UK and benefit of non-dom taxation. All earnings generated outside the UK are not taxed. And so far everything is ok. I have read that, however, being the crypro "intangible", there are possibilities that you will be taxed in UK. I do not understand if they...
  9. Giuseppe Rossi

    DIGITAL BUSINESS - What is the best corporate structure in our situation?

    Hello everybody CURRENT SITUATION: We are two partners living in two different countries and both benefit from the non-dom resident (UK and Malta), and would like to continue to benefit from it. We have an online business in the sale of digital video courses and ebooks in Italian language...
  10. K

    Please help - Setup of Forex Brokerage in South Africa

    Hi All, I am fairly new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated, I would like to apologize beforehand as i am asking for help on my first post. Background: I am setting up an FX brokerage on South Africa with a few Shareholders, with my steak being 51%. The trading company is set up...
  11. Z

    Best Zero Tax countries

    What are the Zero Tax countries that have the best reputation?
  12. N

    Netherlands no tax on trading besides NAV tax?

    Hi, I'm moving to NL and saw that they tax Net worth instead of capital gains at an effective rate of 1.2%. I make around 1000 trades a year, if I hold down a job which pays less than my net worth increase, will I still be able to just pay the 1,2%? In most countries there would be a cutoff at...
  13. W

    Create a more efficient structure

    Hi everyone, I'm going to try my luck on here as there are a few knowledgeable people on the subject. A friend of mine is looking to create a more efficient structure for their business. They are UK resident and have a UK limited company. However, their business is almost exclusively...
  14. M

    Pass-through entities tax

    Hi, Based on my research single-member LLCs in Delaware, Wyoming and New Mexico are considered as "Pass-through entities" as far as taxes are concerned. Does this mean that I personally need to pay the tax on the income of the LLC for the year even if I do not pay myself even a single dollar...
  15. nardulfo

    Digital Nomad / Perpetual Traveller - 0% tax with US LLC

    Hello, next year I'm planning to become a digital nomad for 2 years to make some bank and then settle in a country and buy some property. I'm a single guy currently living in Spain in which the law for being a tax resident and being subject to income tax is the following: - 183 days in the...
  16. R

    UK Tax Resident with LTD – what possible tax savings and structures?

    Straight to the point... Breakdown of the situation: Tax resident in England, UK. EEA passport. Sole shareholder, director, and employee of my limited company. Team of freelancers and virtual assistants helping day-to-day (mostly based in the Philippines). Personally involved, weekly, for high...
  17. Admin

    Offshore Tax Advice

    An offshore company is set up to conduct its business in a country it is not in resident to. Hence, it follows another country’s jurisdiction. With the country’s jurisdiction comes a set of tax requirements that will require guidance. Offshore tax advice is vital to navigating through...
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