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How To Get New Zealand Citizenship

Many people want to become New Zealand citizens because it sounds like a dream come true. Getting citizenship means that you can live in New Zealand indefinitely no matter where you are in the world, and you'll still be a citizen of your current country. That's not all. You'll also get access to many of the same rights as locals, including voting and joining unions.

Plus, citizenship gives you additional opportunities to own land, rent buildings or houses, gain permanent entry into New Zealand, become a tourist, etc. To be considered for citizenship, you must fulfill certain requirements. You must have been a permanent resident of New Zealand for three years and if you were born in New Zealand or met the qualifications above. However, before applying, you need to go through the complete application process and the opportunities you can explore here as a business.

In the recent few years, New Zealand has emerged as a haven and mega-wealthy nation. Whether you are looking to get freedom, safe banking options, or political stability, you can always turn to New Zealand. Reach wildlife, scenic views of beautiful hills, and mesmerizing landscapes. You will find everything here. You can understand how beautiful this place is because the entire Lord of the Ring trilogy was recorded here.

Some people are concerned about what these processes involve--so let me break it down for you in an easy-to-understand way. The first thing is that you can't vote or hold public office in New Zealand unless you become an actual citizen. Citizenship also provides free access to Universities and professional courses, as well as the right to be treated equally with residents, access to medical care and public education (including education loans), the right to own land, and eligibility for various other benefits such as grants, etc., including becoming eligible for consular services.

Benefits You Get With Citizenship In New Zealand​

Getting citizenship from New Zealand means many amazing benefits for you as citizenship. A great healthcare system, a high level of public education system, and an amazing lifestyle are waiting for you in New Zealand. The best part, New Zealand presents you with lots of opportunities for your business and helps you establish your business. When you look at the global happiness ranking issued by United Nations, you will find New Zealand among the top performers. Here are some points for you to better understand the benefits you can get with New Zealand:
  1. Luxury Lifestyle
This is the number one benefit you will get when you become a citizen of New Zealand. Here, you will be able to enjoy a luxurious life as there is no tax on any kind of income. There are many different kinds of jobs available in New Zealand, which makes this place ideal for entrepreneurs. You can either start your business as a full-time or part-time and have easy access to government funding and grants, and your business registrations are done within just 24 hours. In addition, you can easily communicate with people, which helps you adjust to the new culture of New Zealand. The best thing about New Zealand is that it is an English-speaking nation which means that whatever language you speak, English is a common language among the people here.
The life and characteristics here in New Zealand are mostly identical to their neighboring country in Australia. New Zealand has some of the most diverse wildlife culture, indigenous lifestyle, and geographical features. Whether you are into a posh lifestyle or someone who loves living in a touch of nature, New Zealand is perfect for everyone. Additionally, the government in New Zealand is taking many measures to ensure that citizens here have the best living conditions.
A perfect work-life balance with beautiful locations makes New Zealand worth your stay here. Delicious cuisine is also a major aspect contributing to the posh lifestyle here. The world-famous lamb barbeques are a must-try in the amazing weather of New Zealand. For seafood lovers, the 14,000 kilometers long coastline of the seafood here is worth a try for everyone, especially the renowned food Kina sea urchin. If you want to try more adventurous foods, you can give Maori cuisine a try, including the special meat dish Hangi.

Quality Of Life
New Zealand is the land of opportunities, and you will be offered the best quality of life when you move to this country. The economy is a major aspect contributing to the quality of life. With an annual GDP growth rate standing at 2,6% and an unemployment rate of just 4,1%, people living in New Zealand enjoy a very high level of economic stability. Here you will find every kind of opportunity for growing your business and your career. In addition, property prices are increasing day by day, and you can easily own property here if you have citizenship in New Zealand.

The high-level education system in New Zealand has made it one of the most popular countries to immigrate to. The government is constantly taking steps to ensure that people can enjoy the best education and career opportunities. Several new universities are constantly coming up in New Zealand, facilitating transparency in rankings and the education system.

New Zealand is considered one of the most secure places to live and immigrate. You will find high-level security measures implemented by the government here. The national police work with local agencies to increase safety awareness anywhere you go within the country. Several crime rates have dropped over the last few years, helping people feel more secure and safe within their homes and businesses.

Business Freedom
New Zealand is one of the best places to live if you want to start your own business. There is no restriction on any kinds of businesses. You can establish any kinds of business you like. The government helps newcomers and local entrepreneurs by providing funding and grants for their new businesses. In addition, you will find several incubators and accelerators helping people to start their own business within a short period with little or no capital required.

New Zealand is the most economically free and stable country among the six major English countries. Therefore, new Zealand is the ultimate place to establish your business in a new market and increase the reach and horizons of your business. On a global level, New Zealand is ranked as the third most economically country globally. The top performers on this list are Singapore and Hong Kong. Throughout these years, New Zealand has become one of the best entrepreneurial environments and has received the tag of "Incubation Nation."

Businesses that make over NZ$70,000 per year are considered under the top tax brackets of 33%. New Zealand has one of the highest rates on corporate taxes globally, which is rated around 28%. Despite the absence of inheritance, payroll, and capital gains taxes, New Zealand charges a 15% sales tax on most goods.

English Language
English is the official language in New Zealand and is spoken by almost everyone. There is a very low level of the unemployment rate of just 4,1%. The life expectancy here is ranked as the highest in the world. You will find people living into their 90s and above ranking for New Zealand. For people looking to immigrate to New Zealand, English skills help you stand out from a crowd of job seekers in this country. Skilled workers fill 75% of all jobs with excellent English skills.

New Zealand has the most diverse and stunning weather you can imagine of. The temperature during summer is around 25°C, and during winter, it goes down to just 8°C. There are no extreme changes in the temperature here. The best thing about this is that you enjoy a very high humidity level throughout the year with consistent temperature levels.

The Government of New Zealand has an open policy for immigrants and has a good political relationship with all the major countries worldwide. Be it the European Union or Asia-Pacific countries, New Zealand aligns its foreign policies very closely with the other leading countries in that region. The distance between New Zealand and other major cities gives you access to global trade with fewer hurdles. The best part is that here you will find lots of opportunities for employment and new businesses established every year.

Visa-Free Travel
New Zealand is an exceptional country for immigration and moving to this country. You need to understand that you have to fulfill several requirements and will face some tests to get citizenship here. The whole process takes around 1-2 years, with the final step being your citizenship, which has a minimum time of 1 year. You do not need any visa or special certificate for travel or immigration within the country. If you are a citizen of New Zealand, then you can get visa-free access to 182 countries.

New Zealand has a zero-tolerance policy toward drugs and alcohol abuse. The government here has implemented strict measures through internal government affairs and with the help of third parties who help fight against drug abuse in New Zealand every day. It's one of the reasons people living here have a very low level of drug addiction. Also, you will find people completely sober in this country due to strict measures implemented by the government here.

If you have any plans to renounce your birth country's citizenship to get citizenship from New Zealand, then it will prove incredibly fruitful for you. Additionally, you will get a decently strong passport, which can offer great ease of travel and entrance into the great visa-free entrance into the Schengen area. Furthermore, there are not many restrictions on starting any kind of business without any capital required in this country. You will be able to buy property easily and quickly with a minimum amount of capital required for starting up your own business.

Different Ways To Get Citizenship From New Zealand​

There are many ways for you to get citizenship from New Zealand through different t legal processes. Whether it's about getting citizenship through descent or a grant, there are many pathways to get into New Zealand. If you are looking for the easiest way to get citizenship from New Zealand, applying under descent is your best bet. Citizenship through descent is a simple and less costly procedure than other options on this list. However, you need to fulfill certain conditions to become eligible for this process.

Additionally, one of the most complicated citizenship processes by the grant is also quite streamlined here in New Zealand. With a current population of 4.7 million, New Zealand has stopped accepting new applications for citizenship. As a result, as per official data, only 36,450 applicants were granted the status of kiwi citizenship in 2017. So, without further ado, let's take a deep dive into the different pathways available for you to get New Zealand citizenship and get a kiwi passport:

1. Citizenship By Marriage
If you are a resident in New Zealand for over one year and you want to marry someone from here, if you intend to stay in this country, then applying for citizenship by marriage is your only option. You will get a kiwi passport around 6-8 months after your wedding date. Be prepared for an easy and smooth process if you are looking for this option. As a person married to a citizen of New Zealand, you need to have a resident visa and live in the country for around 12 months with your partner.
After fulfilling this requirement, you will become eligible for permanent kiwi citizenship. The application fee for citizenship under marriage is around NZ$1,950, and then you can expect the decision from the country within nine months. Once your application is accepted, you will be invited by the kiwi government to reside here permanently. You will officially become a citizen of New Zealand after processing every requirement under the citizenship by Marriage.

2. Citizenship By Grant
The grant is your most viable option if you are not eligible for citizenship by descent or are less than 21 years of age when applying for New Zealand citizenship. The total time required to get a kiwi passport through this route is 4-5 years, including all legal and administrative procedures.
These are the basic things you should know before applying for citizenship in New Zealand. In addition, you need to fulfill all the requirements listed below to get a kiwi passport:
  • You have a valid travel document and have lived in this country for over one year legibly before application.
  • You have a valid passport or travel document while residing in this country.
  • You have been living in New Zealand for 12 months continuously.
  • You must have two years of continuous residency.
  • You must have been a resident of this country for five years before applying, and your passport and travel document.
The complete process will take around 7-9 years to complete, including all the legal and administrative procedures. The government of New Zealand is also offering several incentives to attract people from other countries to reside here.

3. Citizenship By Naturalization
If you are a former citizen of New Zealand and you intend to return, then applying for citizenship by naturalization is your only option. You need to be a permanent resident in New Zealand, and you have served in New Zealand military service or any other job that qualifies you for this process. Overall getting citizenship in this country through naturalization is not bad at all.

If going through this option and pass the special test, it will take around 1-2 years to process your application and get an official decision from the government. Once you are approved as a citizen, you can get permanent kiwi citizenship. The fee for naturalization is around NZ$1,950, and then you will get the decision of citizenship within six months. So you can easily obtain this status without much hassle in this country.

4. Citizenship By Acquisition
If you are looking for a less expensive way of getting citizenship from New Zealand, then applying for the acquisition of kiwi citizenship is your only option. You need to be an Australian national or a British national with permanent resident status in New Zealand. You have resided in this country for more than 12 before applying for residence here. You can apply for citizenship by acquiring it three months after your permanent residency.

Once your application gets approved, you will be invited to reside permanently in New Zealand and finally become a citizen of this country after some time and procedures. The citizenship fees by acquisition are around NZ$3,510, and then you can get an official decision on your application within six months. So it is one of the most cost-effective ways to become a new kiwi citizen.

5. Citizenship By Descent
You could apply for citizenship by descent if your father or mother were a citizen of New Zealand or a registered resident at your birth. However, this procedure is quite complicated and can take up to 5 years to complete legal procedures. Moreover, you need to fulfill all the requirements listed below while applying this process..
  • You are a person of good moral character with no criminal charges against your name.
  • If you are younger than 21 years of age, the application needs to be approved by the court.
  • You must have a valid passport or travel document before making your application.
  • The applicant needs to have at least two years of continuous stay in New Zealand for 12 months before application. Then written will be invited to reside here permanently after completing all legal procedures in the country.
You can apply for citizenship by descent if either one or both of your parents are citizens of New Zealand. You need to prove that your parents were born here in this country and became citizens here before 1987. There is a fee associated with this process which varies from around NZ$1,450 to NZ$1,900, depending on your case.

Final Words​

If you are looking for a better life in New Zealand, applying for kiwi citizenship is your viable option. This country has various attractive options for anyone who wants to be a citizen of this country. If you consider residing here permanently and being part of the kiwi society, get a kiwi passport by applying for any of the above procedures. Numerous people have become citizens of this country and have lived here for many years. They have had no difficulty acquiring their permanent residence after satisfying all the requirements listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions​

  • How can I apply for New Zealand citizenship?
    It is very easy to apply for citizenship in this country. If you have lived in New Zealand legally and permanently or are a former citizen of this country, you can easily apply for citizenship. Moreover, there are many options for getting citizenship from New Zealand based on your requirement and eligibility.
  • How long does it take to apply for citizenship in New Zealand?
    Applying for new kiwi citizenship will take around 1-2 years to complete all procedures. It will also depend on your nationality and the requirements which need to be fulfilled while applying this process. However, you can easily become a citizen of this country if you are a permanent resident with a valid passport or travel document.
  • What are the costs involved in becoming a citizen of New Zealand?
    It is completely based on your nationality and requirement and the procedure you choose for becoming a citizen here in this country. It should take up to NZ$5,000 for a non-resident applicant for permanent residency who is outside New Zealand. The government also offers special discount schemes and incentives for people from other countries to apply for permanent residency here.
  • How much of my time will be taken by applying for kiwi citizenship?
    It will depend on the procedure and requirements associated with your application and your nationality. There are many ways you can get citizenship from New Zealand, which works best according to your need or requirement.