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ADVcash balance limit question

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Hello, I just signed up for the ADVcash account and ordered the plastic debit card. I know that there are limits on the debit card if you are unverified. How about the account balance? If I do not verify my account can I still have a high balance and send and recieve?

Also is ADVcash wallet to wallet payments reversible? Is it safe to trade it for bitcoin knowing that the payment will not be able to be cancelled? thank you


As unverified there are limits, but I don't believe there are withdrawal limits on the Card! Why not verify with darks if you don't want to use your own docs or ID ?


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thanks for the response, yes I was considering that. TBH since AlphaB went down I dont know where to get such docs. Any help would be appreciated, you can pm me if you need. thanks
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