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Advice needed for personal multicurrency account

@Why: You did not specify what is the purpose of having the account – transactional banking, FX operations, just storing the money, ... ?

If I presume that it's for transactional banking (as it is probably the most frequent case), then
1) I agree with the recommendation of Zen.com.
2) If you do not need SWIFT but just SEPA, Blackcatcard will suit you well, too.
3) Conotoxia and Paysera are also worth considering.
4) Any of the abovementioned I consider more safe than (practically) any Belize or SVG bank (I mean any Belize or SVG bank that onboards you).

If you do not need transactional banking but just storing the money and e.g. some FX operations, Swissquote is probably your best bet.

This link is very probably outdated (“Karrie 3 years ago, updated ?“)
It's from 29 June 2023, I would rather believe this :)
Of course, the best solution is simply to ask Zen support ;)
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